Most Expensive Home For Sale in the U.S. Gets $50m Discount

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Most Expensive Home For Sale in the U.S. Gets $50m Discount

The most expensive home currently on the market in the United States just got a little cheaper. After spending nearly 300 days on the market, the $195 million price tag on “Palazzo di Amore” has been chopped by a whopping $50 million. The 25 acre estate boasts parking accommodations for over 150 cars, a working vineyard, a “discotheque” and a bowling alley among other outrageously opulent amenities.

Despite the staggering size of this recent discount, the home (if you can really call it that) remains the most expensive in the United States. But it’s not without competition. The “Briar Patch” estate in The Hamptons is still on the market for $140 million and the “Palais Royale” in Florida is just behind it at $139 million.

With the $50 million you save on the purchase of the “Palazzo di Amore” you could afford to buy 150 Rolls Royces to fill up the driveway!

What do you think of this Beverly Hills mega mansion? Let us know in the comments section!

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