Not So Full Anymore! The Famous “Full House” Home Just Hit the Market

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Not So Full Anymore! The Famous “Full House” Home Just Hit the Market

UPDATE: The Full House home sold on August 4, 2016, for $4 million. No word yet on who the lucky new homeowners might be.

Whatever Happened to the Full House… home? Well, it hit the market on May 24 for $4.150 million! The “Full House” home was a quintessential part of the 90s and with the show running for eight seasons, the Tanner family became a TV staple. And of course the famous show brought us MaryKate and Ashley Olsen. With the home up for sale and the resurgence of “Fuller House” on Netflix, we thought it’d be a great time to learn more about the  picturesque house.  

The classic Victorian was originally constructed in 1883 by famed architect Charles Lewis Hinkel. At 3,125 square feet, it features three bedrooms, an office, three-and-a-half- baths and, of course, Tanner family history everywhere you look. The amazing kitchen is where we would want to spend all of our time–as long as we don’t have to worry about Kimmy Gibbler busting in! Unfortunately, the house does not come with any “Full House” characters (we had our fingers crossed for Uncle Jesse), but it does come with a beautiful backyard that has plenty of space for all your “Full House” parties.

The house sits on Broderick Street in Northwest San Francisco. The median home price in the area is $1.292 million. But for that $4.150 million price tag, you’re getting a piece of television history, and a chance to say you live in the “Full House” home.

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