Redfin’s Homes of 2015: Would You Pay Top-dollar for a Bust like This?

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Redfin’s Homes of 2015: Would You Pay Top-dollar for a Bust like This?

With 2015 nearly behind us, we looked at some of the most remarkable homes of the year. These weren’t necessarily the best homes, but they were the smallest, the largest, the most expensive … you get the idea. Some of the results were, well, amusing. The homes with the most page views on last year weren’t what you’d expect. They’re not celebrity homes and they’re not even that nice.

Instead, this year’s superlatives included foreclosures, teardowns and handyman specials. Six of the 10 most-viewed properties were developers’ dreams.

Most Popular Home

This teardown in San Francisco was the most-viewed listing this year, thanks in part to all the media coverage it got. (Executive summary: Someone paid HOW MUCH for that?). The shack sold for $1.21 million in March.


Most Popular Home, Runner-Up

The real estate agent selling this unremarkable home in Portland noted that the value was in the land. A cool quarter million in value, actually.


Most Statues

One garishly expensive home on our gawker list was a bit, ahem, busty – as in art, of course. Like it? You’re in luck, it’s still on the market!


Tiniest Home

We’re pretty sure this was the smallest home to go on the market this year. At 103 square feet, it’s a perfect pied-a-terre in downtown New Orleans.


Most Humongous

The largest home purchased in 2015 also hails from Louisiana, in this case Baton Rouge. At more than 36,000 square feet, there’s a home theater, exercise room, wine room, three laundry rooms and closets galore. Don’t forget the four-bedroom guest house, swimming pool and three separate three-car garages. Oh, and a pond stocked with fish. At only $6 million, the buyer got a deal at only $164/square foot!


Biggest Bidding War

This Palo Alto home was (intentionally) underpriced at $999,888. Surprise, surprise, the savvy seller’s agent was flooded with calls and the house sold for almost $2.78 million.


Biggest Discount

On the other end of the spectrum, the sellers of this home near San Diego set their sights way too high. They get a prize for the largest price drop. The tennis court and palm-kissed swimming pool are nice, but the $36.5 million asking price? Not so much. It sold for a still-impressive $11.2 million.


Most Expensive

Last, some traditional eye candy. The most expensive home sold through a typical listing service in one of Redfin’s many markets. It’s a beauty! Locksley Hall was built in 1895 in the town of Belvedere, with views par-excellence of San Francisco Bay. Selling price: $47.5 million. Don’t forget to save some coin for property taxes, which totaled $135,571.72 this year, according to Marin County.


What were you favorite homes of 2015? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter @Redfin.

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