This $18.8M Atlanta Villa Will Make Any Owner Feel Like Royalty

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This $18.8M Atlanta Villa Will Make Any Owner Feel Like Royalty

This lavish Italian villa in Atlanta drew our attention, not only for its unique decor (dream palace anyone?), but also for its price tag… $18.8 million! This opulent home comes with everything you need to feel like royalty (for $18 million, you might as well be). At 24,861 square feet, this dream palace is everything you need to imagine you’re living in another era, but with all the modern amenities.

The out-of-this-world home features nine bathrooms, fourteen-and-a-half bathrooms and a grand staircase covered in coral stone. This elaborate estate comes with multiple chandeliers, three outdoor kitchens, which include a hibachi grill and a pizza oven. And this home wouldn’t be complete without stunning Moroccan hardwood tile floors, a theater, a cigar room, two gyms, seven kitchens, a recording studio and salon. Basically, this Atlanta villa is the perfect home for anyone who ever wanted to throw their very own Disney-themed ball. The pool in itself is a work of art, covered in mosaic tile, two jacuzzis and two stunning staircases that lead down to the terrace.  

This home is located in the Argonne Forest area of Atlanta. With home prices averaging around $875,000, the $18.8 million home is a splurge. With all the added amenities and of course getting to say you live in an estate that would make some royals jealous, it might be worth the steep price tag.

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