Liven Up Your Walls: 13 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Your Home


Your home is the place where you can express your personality in the décor, furniture, and art that you choose to style with. And one way you can truly let loose with creativity is on your walls. The options can seem endless, whether that’s painting a bright-colored accent wall, curating the perfect gallery wall, or experimenting with a totally new art medium. 

Whatever your home’s style, there are many unique wall art ideas to truly bring your space together. To help you get started, we’ve reached out to artists all the way from Toronto, CA to Atlanta, GA for their best advice on choosing the right wall art for your home. Check out their works of art and how they suggest you liven up your walls.

Photo courtesy of Calhoun & Co.

Embrace creativity in what you display on your walls. You don’t have to stick to prints; be creative with what you hang and try fiber art, tapestries, or printed fabric. Choose artwork that you enjoy looking at, and brings up positive emotions. It just needs to make *your* home feel like a place *you* want to be. There are no rules. – Kerry Stokes Founder & Designer of Calhoun & Co.

Make sure your wall art has a complementary accent color. Choose a wall mural design that will have an accent colour to match furniture or another accent piece and to choose a company that is easy and friendly to contact in case you need some support during the installation process. We also recommend using self-adhesive mural art that will have the same durability of a glued wallpaper but with the option to remove and not damage the wall, especially for rental properties. – Creative Silhouettes

Photo courtesy of True Stock Studios

Wood art carvings will complete any home. Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift? When you give a meaningful or motivational wood art carving to your loved ones, you will forever be remembered on their special move-in day. By choosing from smaller wooden desk art carvings for their home office or larger wood wall signs for their workout studio, will be sure to brighten their day – every day. Check out the entire catalog of wood art carvings and signs from True Stock Studios. Jason Schickerling, Owner of True Stock Studios

Photo courtesy of The Muse

Don’t be afraid of DIY. You can create one-of-a-kind art for your home’s walls using items easily found in your storage shed or at the nearest antique shop. Antique ladders, old windows, vintage photos and old fabric are just a few of the things you can use to create a unique piece of wall décor. – Sumner Crenshaw, Owner of The Muse Gift Shop in Frederick, MD specializing in handmade goods by local artists. @musefrederick

Consider layering a variety of art mediums. When choosing the right art for your walls, consider not having just one piece — but, rather, focus on layering. In fact, layering elements such as a mixture of wood shelving, pictures, wall quotes, and paintings all add a unique element of interest, richness, and depth to your wall art. Just be sure to layer your décor around an anchor piece to give your wall balance and symmetry. – Story of Home Decals

Photo courtesy of SirMetalman-Custom Metal Designs

Choose art that speaks not shouts to you. What feelings does the art elicit? One well chosen piece of art can create the theme and set the feeling of the room. Experiment with natural materials such as metal, glass, textile. Elements of nature bring the outdoors inside. As an example, this intricate steel tree woman offset over a patina back panel highlights the juxtaposition of nature’s delicacy and strength while bringing beauty and contrast into the room. – Pat Haug, SirMetalman-Custom Metal Designs

Photo courtesy of Deaney Weaney Blooms

Decorate your home’s walls with your own art or DIY project. I make paper flowers for a living and our home’s walls are basically my gallery. Paper flowers are relatively easy to make and are eye-catching, plus they never wilt and do not need to be watered. I adorned our home’s walls with small and large paper flowers either directly attached to the wall using washi or duct tape or attached to a frame. How can you clean them, you may ask? A paintbrush will be your friend. – Deaney Nieva, Founder & Designer of Deaney Weaney Blooms

home-interior-metal- leaf-sculptures-Ollie-Holman
Photo courtesy of Ollie Holman Sculpture

Why not add sculpture to your walls, as the remarkable aspect to them is they create an extra impactful dimension from all sides, unlike any painting, can achieve. With sculpture you are not bound to just one piece, you could even get a selection of sculptural pieces such as metal leaves and compose them around your room, to create a large space of art to inspire and enjoy. Whether it’s a singular sculpture or selection, it truly will create a distinctive and beautiful statement to your home. – Ollie Holman, Ollie Holman Sculpture

Art creates windows to nature. While many people hang nature prints on their walls, few are those who truly transform an interior space with them. If you want an immediate, bold, and impressive transformation, liven up your home with one or more Windows to Nature. Hang some high quality oversized nature prints which will blow away any visitor, and breathe the freshness of nature into your room. – Lazar Gintchin, Fine Art Photographer at Gintchin Fine Art

Photo courtesy of MossHound Designs

Consider the vibe you want to convey in the space where the art will hang. Colors and textures can elicit certain emotions- take time to tune into how you want the space to feel- and don’t be afraid to order a custom or commissioned piece. Commissions are the best way to bring your ideas to life while working directly with an artist knowledgeable in their craft. – Nicole Hemmerly Owner & Fiber Artist of MossHound Designs 

Keep these tips in mind when ordering art prints. If you’ve already chosen a frame, or are trying to fill a specific spot on your photo wall, remember to measure which print size you’ll need, so that you don’t get caught out. Most print shops offer a range of different sizes, and will be happy to help you if you need a custom order, so it’s worth reaching out if you need to. Don’t forget to double-check which paper types you’ve chosen before you place your order. If you’re struggling to decide between matte and gloss, it’s always worth discussing it with your vendor, so that you can make sure your art prints really pop. Once you’ve received your art prints, it’s time to frame them. Choosing the right frame styles can truly take your pictures to the next level. – Art Prints Vicky

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey H Dean

Be adventurous. Sometimes, the perfect art for our walls lies waiting in the aethers and can only arise from the creative synergy between your aesthetic vision and an artist’s experience and creative sensibility. The result being artwork neither you nor the artist would have imagined alone. Be open to a new medium as well. Heat-colored steel engravings, for example, have dynamic metallic qualities that give them a range of characters impossible to achieve with other media. – Jeffrey H Dean

Photo courtesy of Regency Fine Art & Frame

Create a giant scrabble wall. This is the most interesting and popular item we have made in a long time. – Lester Herbertson, Regency Fine Art & Frame

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