5 Home Remodeling Projects to Boost Your Property Value in Knoxville


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Whether you rent an apartment in Knoxville or own a home, you know just how wonderful this city is. As Knoxville continues to attract more people, you might be ready to make some home upgrades to sell your home in the near future. Whether you’re ready to sell or you’re just curious about valuable home remodeling trends in Knoxville, you’ve come to the right place. From enhancing your outdoor space to updating bathrooms, here are five improvement projects for homes in Knoxville that can help boost your property value.

It’s important to note that the median list price in Knoxville is $300,000, so comparing the list price of different home features can help you determine which upgrades will help you sell for more. 

hot tub rooftop

#1: Hot Tub

What better way to turn your outdoor space into your own personal oasis than the addition of a hot tub? And the good news is, this home improvement project will not only transform your backyard but it’ll add value to your home, too. Whether it’s a warm summer night or mild winter day in Knoxville, you can enjoy a hot tub year-round.

Homes for sale in Knoxville that included a hot tub sold for a median list price of $500,000. 

#2: Game Room

If you live in Knoxville, you know that it’s a city that loves its sports, with the University of Tennessee football team being a particular point of pride. If you’re a sports fan or just love to play games with friends and family, a game room could be the perfect addition to your home. This could include anything from a pool table and foosball table to arcade games and a big screen TV for watching the big game.

Homes for sale in Knoxville that included a game room sold for a median list price of $345,900.

#3: Stone Fireplace

Whether you’re looking to update your current fireplace or add one to your living space, consider a stone fireplace. Knoxville has a rich history and is home to many beautiful historic buildings and homes, so a stone fireplace can be a great way to add some of that classic elegance and charm to your own home.

Homes for sale in Knoxville that included a stone fireplace sold for a median list price of $725,000.

#4: Walk Out Basement

Knoxville is situated in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, which means that many homes in the area are built on sloping terrain. If your home has a basement that opens up to your backyard, a walk-out basement can be a great way to maximize your living space and create an indoor/outdoor living area that is perfect for entertaining.

Homes for sale in Knoxville that included a walk out basement sold for a median list price of $384,900.

#5: En Suite Bathroom

Knoxville is home to many beautiful historic homes, but older homes often lack modern amenities like en suite bathrooms. If you have a home with a shared bathroom, adding an en suite bathroom can be a great way to increase your comfort and convenience. Not only will you enjoy more privacy and a more modern and updated space, but an en suite bathroom can also add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Homes for sale in Knoxville that included an en suite bathroom sold for a median list price of $435,000.

Per home listing data on Redfin.com, as of March 2023. 

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