Why I Work at Redfin: Jim Barnett

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Jim Barnett is a buy-side agent working out of Denver, CO, in his third year at Redfin. Jim embodies the Redfin values: genuine, honorable, mission-driven and resourceful. An experienced real estate agent, Jim is passionate about his work, clients and the relational aspects of the home-buying process. We spent some time getting to know him.

What first brought you to Redfin?

I saw some advertisements for Redfin when the company expanded to Denver. At the time I was working for another brokerage. The two companies are similar in that they’re both internet-based, but I liked Redfin’s business model and was curious to learn more. I especially liked the way Redfin works with clients. It’s more tailored to the buyer or seller, versus the traditional real estate model which is more about the agent.

What differences between Redfin and the other brokerage stuck out to you?

At the other brokerage, I had to chase leads. When a prospective homebuyer or seller signed into the website, that person was assigned to an agent who basically had to cold-call them. At Redfin, we wait for the clients to come to us. We don’t chase anybody. That makes a difference, not only for the customer who gets to move at their own pace, but also for agents, because they’re working with customers who are truly interested in working with Redfin and ready to talk about buying or selling. There’s no pressure for either the agent or the customer.

What was it like transitioning to Redfin?

Moving to Redfin was really easy because I already had some background in using tech to work with clients and manage transactions. I think having an interest in technology and online tools is an important part of being successful here.

What’s it like working on a team at Redfin?

Having the support of a team has made a huge difference for me. To be honest, I don’t know how I did it all before. Now I’m able to do double the work that I did previously. I have support from the Chicago hub for scheduling home tours, and I also work closely with Richie, my transaction coordinator, who makes sure nothing falls through the cracks after we go under contract.

Do you have any client stories you’d like to share?

I’ve been with Redfin for over three years and am close to 80 deals in the last two and a half years. Every time I talk to a customer, I hear, “Oh, I wouldn’t use anybody but Redfin,” or “I keep telling my friends and family to get the Redfin app. It’s the best one out there.”

My clients tell me they’re very pleased with the service they get. They like that it’s different from the traditional style of real estate, where you try to get a hold of your agent so you can see a house over the weekend, but the agent is up in the mountains celebrating the Fourth of July, so you miss out on the house. That doesn’t happen with Redfin; we have Associate Agents who pick up the slack if I’m not around. We can be more hands-on than a traditional real estate agent can be, so it’s a way better experience for the client. I like being a part of that.

To learn more about becoming a Lead Agent and available opportunities, click here.

Published on November 10th, 2017
Updated on July 15th, 2019

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Jen works hard to find amazing Real Estate Agents in Denver and the surrounding suburbs. Outside of work, she can be found cheering on the Washington State University Cougars or playing with dogs. Jen is always excited to meet new people and talk with them about Redfin and real estate!

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