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Daryl Fairweather

Daryl Fairweather

Daryl Fairweather is the chief economist of Redfin. Her insights have been featured on 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, as well as in the New York Times and Washington Post. Prior to joining Redfin she was a senior economist at Amazon working on problems related to employee engagement and managing a team of analysts. During the housing crisis, Daryl worked as a researcher at the Boston Fed studying why homeowners entered foreclosure. Daryl received her Bachelor's of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received her Ph.D. and Master's degrees in economics at the University of Chicago where she specialized in behavioral economics. Follow Daryl on Twitter @FairweatherPhD.

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Climate Change Pushes Up Home Insurance Premiums

Originally published to Forbes on September 18, 2023. A recent study from PolicyGenius found that quoted homeowner’s insurance premiums increased by 21% nationally from May 2022 to May 2023. Florida experienced the largest jump with premiums increasing by 35%. The steep increases in homeowner’s insurance costs contribute to the already intractable housing affordability crisis, as homeowners

4 Ways to Buy Your First Home, Even as Affordability Worsens

Originally published to Forbes on September 12, 2023. For many young Americans, the dream of owning a home feels less like a middle-class milestone and more like a prize available only to those with family money or extraordinary incomes. The monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced home has increased 15% in the last year, while incomes

Nepo-Homebuyers: 40% of Under 30s Received Family Money for Down Payment

Originally published to Forbes on August 21, 2023. An eye-popping 38% of recent homebuyers under age 30 used either a cash gift from a family member or an inheritance in order to afford their down payment. This is according to a Redfin commissioned survey of recent movers conducted in Spring 2023. First-time homeownership has become increasingly

How You Can Protect Your Home From Climate Change

Originally published to Forbes on July 24, 2023. Climate change is not a distant threat, but a present danger that is already wreaking havoc on our lives and homes. From devastating floods to scorching heat waves to raging wildfires, homeowners need to prepare for the consequences of our warming planet. Preparing for these challenges requires investments

Why Are So Many Luxury Condos Built In Cities That Face An Affordable Housing Crisis?

Originally published to Forbes on May 30, 2023. Despite a lack of affordable housing, many American cities have seen a paradoxical proliferation of new luxury condos. The reason behind this comes down to scarcity. Because cities limit the amount of housing that can be built, developers focus on attracting the wealthiest occupants instead of catering

A Debt-Ceiling Crisis Would Hit the Housing Market Like a Hurricane

Originally published to Forbes on May 18, 2023. Natural disasters like hurricanes and snowstorms tend to temporarily halt housing market activity in affected areas. If the United States breaches the debt ceiling, it would hit the housing market like a natural disaster. Whenever there is a major weather event, like a hurricane or snowstorm, the

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