12 Seriously Creepy Home Tour Stories From Redfin Real Estate Agents

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Redfin real estate agents tour a lot of homes, and every now and then they come across some weird and downright creepy stuff. With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought we’d gather the spookiest home tour stories to share with the world. You won’t believe some of these! Enjoy.

1. The Writing is On the Wall


“We visited an old house close to downtown Geneva, Illinois, which needed a tremendous amount of work (it was a bank-owned property). The phrase ‘the writing is on the wall’ works so well with this home; someone scribbled a spooky message on the kitchen wall!”

2. I Wouldn’t Go in There


We found this door in the basement, but our client didn’t want to open it so we left. The message reads: ‘Hi, my name is Jim, and I will die in 2012.’”

3. Nothing to See Here


“Looks like the sellers forgot to find a better place for the partially butchered pig.”

4. Not a Good Sign


“As we were touring through a filthy house, we realized there was a large rat trap in every single room.”

5. Hoarder Horror


“This was after filling three dumpsters and one truck! The rooms on the main level were not easy to navigate either.”

No Pics, but (Trust Us) It Happened

6. Might Wanna Look at the Property History

“We went into the basement of an old mansion in a very nice neighborhood, and found a secret room. Inside of the room sat a single folding chair with a single lightbulb swinging overhead. It was like a torture scene in a James Bond movie. My client and I ran out of there as fast as we could!”

7. There’s Something in the Attic

“The house was vacant. When we toured it the first time, the pull-down stairs to the attic were down, and we had looked around. The next time we came to the house, the stairs to the attic were up. We pulled down the stairs, headed up, and were shocked to find a young woman sitting in the dark.”

8. Chucky’s Friends?

“I showed a house built around 1900. There was an attic area with a stairway. At the top of the stairway was an old doll, sitting in a rocking chair, staring at you. If you went all the way up the stairs, you were greeted by about 10-15 similarly creepy dolls sitting in rocking chairs.”

9. Creature (dis)Comforts

“We were touring an old Victorian home that didn’t have power, so we brought flashlights. It was dark inside, but we were still able to make out the remains of a decomposing raccoon in the hall. Grossed out, but undeterred, my clients headed up the stairs. About half way up, we encountered another raccoon carcass. Needless to say, they didn’t buy that home.”

10. Was This in Forks?

“The listing agent justified the strange placement of the bed and several layers of blackout curtains with the fact that her client is a vampire.”

11. That Didn’t Make it in the Listing Remarks

“The neighbor of a house I was showing today let me know that the man who lived there ‘bled out’ in the house and it was a ‘biohazard sitch.’”

12. Something to Hide?

“Upon opening a closet, I found it stuffed with files…. and a skeleton. First time I could say I found an actual skeleton in the closet.”

As Seen Online

In addition to touring homes, Redfin agents are constantly looking at photos of homes for sale on Redfin.com. The following photos caught their eye. See for yourself:

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on a tour? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @Redfin.

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