How We Roll…

Redfin and Our CEO

How We Roll…

**April 29, 2009 Ride Canceled Due to Rain**

First there were the Redfin cycling jerseys. Then the chatty rides around Mercer Island on Wednesday mornings, ending in a race across the bridge and an occasional Chinese pastry (or not! I was always promised this, and never got one).

Now Redfin is organizing a weekly ride on Wednesday mornings, social pace, around Seattle for anyone in the tech community who wants to join us. The first ride is next week:

Wednesday, April 29, 6:45 – 8:15 a.m., 710 2nd Avenue, Seattle

Steady rain cancels. For starters, we’ll go 20 miles or so. 20 miles where? Think West Seattle when the Olympics are out or Seward Park, or around Mercer Island, maybe out to Marymoor Park or around the lake later in the season.

So far we have engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, even a few VCs saying they’ll come. You should too: don’t worry about being dropped because it’s early in the season. We’re just going to toodle along, with Rob McGarty ringing his bell whenever we approach other riders, though there will probably be a sprint finish at the end just for fun. No matter how long it takes, of course we’ll look good.

And a few of the riders will be performing tricks!
[youtube Z19zFlPah-o]
The cheesy name for the group is the Blog Rollers. You could poke fun at that name, or just try to come up with something better… if you want to join us, leave a comment so we know to wait for you, or just show up next Wednesday!

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