5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage This Year

Updated on October 9th, 2020

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According to The New York Times, a garage is the “final frontier in home remodeling,” and 2017 is the forecasted year that homeowners will undertake the project of de-cluttering this room to create a more functional, accessible and livable space.

Instead of just a place to park your car or stash holiday decor, the garage is now seen as an extension of the home. Home owners are using aesthetic features and organizational hacks to keep the atmosphere inviting while maximizing the storage capacity.

If you’re tackling a garage renovation this year, make sure these latest trends and upgrades are on your checklist.

1. Convert the Entrance Into a Mudroom

The doorway from the garage to your house can easily do more than it is right now, doubling as an extra storage space with a few small changes. Start by installing hooks and racks to hang jackets or umbrellas, and build or purchase a bench that will sit along the wall for seating and concealed storage. Don’t forget to add cubbies for shoes or backpacks.

Your new mudroom creates the illusion of space despite the minimal square-footage and contributes to an orderly, efficient and clean household.

2. Get Creative With the Storage Options

Think outside traditional hardwood shelving and consider a less labor-intensive approach to storing your miscellaneous garage items. Transform baskets, milk crates, utility bins and even hampers into resourceful space-savers to consolidate that clutter and prevent the garage floor from being used as a dumping zone. Use baskets for extra books, blankets, and clothing, and save heavy-duty storage containers, like milk crates, for chords and tools.

3. Build a Workshop or Crafting Corner

Turn a spare wall into a makeshift garage studio, ideal for both home improvement projects and Pinterest-inspired creations. Start by building or buying and installing a workbench. Then, equip the surrounding area with organizational and operational features, like drawers, storage containers and hangars. A pegboard is perfect for something like this.

Other fun features include track lighting, a sink and power outlets—if possible.

4. Resurface and Paint the Concrete Floor

Cover grime and oil stains on your outdated garage flooring with a fresh coat of epoxy gloss. This high-performance refinisher is made to last: “Flooring covered with epoxy will have a long life and can handle a massive amount of traffic. This is water resistant and dust proof, meaning cleaning up garage flooring is easy and fast,” according to epoxy experts.

Cost ranges from $3 to $12 per square foot, and some companies set their prices based on the space being a 1- or 2-car garage.

5. Give the Overhead Door Curb Appeal

Add visual interest to your home’s exterior by replacing that standard-issue garage door with a more attractive, innovative option. The most popular garage door design trends for 2017 include using imaginative materials like glass, integrating smart technology, and upgrading to larger doors. If a garage door re-do isn’t in the budget, give it a fresh look with a power wash and new coat of paint.

Adding these creative upgrades into to your garage renovation checklist will increase organization, maximize space, and reduce the amount of upkeep. So, wave “goodbye” to clutter and constant cleaning this year. Soon, your garage will be a functional, organized space.

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