5 Window Tips for a Contemporary Home Design

Updated on October 9th, 2020

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Kitchen with large windows in a contemporary design


Homes today don’t function the same way the homes a generation ago did. Lifestyles have evolved from spending time in specific places to constantly shifting between work and personal lives regardless of where we are. Homes today are more of a hub to support how we live and contemporary home design principles have evolved over the past century to reflect this. These design trends revolved around things in the home serving a purpose rather than just looking nice.

Contemporary design principles can be applied to old and new homes alike. What’s key is analyzing every opportunity for functionality in each component of the design, including windows. Windows play a critical role in supporting contemporary design. Visible from both inside and out, the size, placement and function of each window helps define a home for its inhabitants, guests, and the community. It also contributes to the evolving functionality of spaces within a structure.  If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, here are some tips to follow if you want them to contribute to a contemporary home style.

1. Make sure they deliver light as far into the space as possible

When used correctly, natural light that comes through windows can transform an interior. Balancing the placement of windows to deliver natural light as far into a built structure helps windows provide a true purpose and not just a decorative one, which is one of the primary principles of contemporary design.

Bedroom with two walls of contemporary window design

2. Ensure they promote indoor air quality

Proper ventilation for a home goes beyond opening a window or two. For example, stacked ventilation utilizes roof windows in combination with wall windows, creating updrafts that funnel warm air outdoors and away from living areas. Interior window openings can help channel fresh air to a home’s more remote locations.

3. Keep them simple

With the right positioning, spectacular scenery can become the focus of a room or even the focus of a home. Whether as a huge picture window or a perfectly aligned group of smaller windows, this reinforces a home’s connection to its surroundings and is commonly referred to as managing the view.

Light office room with contemporary window layout and views of the Space Needle

4. Erase the divide between interior and exterior

Walls of windows or patio doors can help connect the interior of a home with the immediate surroundings. Thresholds are minimized, rooflines blend into tree lines and outdoor spaces become your expanded living space.

5. Know which windows match a contemporary style

To that end, this free site connects home styles and the proper windows based on architectural need.

Today’s homeowners are quick to appreciate contemporary design, whether its the open spaces or clean lines. rather than dictating how you live, a contemporary home’s open spaces and clean lines are really a blank canvas ready to bloom with the colors of the life you live.

Knowing your home can grow with you and help keep it relevant for any lifestyle. It’s no surprise contemporary style is as popular as it is.

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