6 Money-Saving Home Projects to Tackle This Winter

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It’s not uncommon to get most of your home improvement completed in summer and fall. After all, the weather is warmer, it’s great to be outside and you have a bit more daylight to work with. But winter is also a great time to take on some of your home’s needs, especially because one of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing summer is to have your home as comfortable as possible in winter. But what projects can be done in winter, and what should you consider looking into?

Here are some popular DIY projects to take on in the winter:

1. Check and Seal Air Leaks

Winter is an excellent time to find air leaks. Turn the heat on so that your home is warm, then walk around and try to find and seal any air leaks you find. You can feel for them with your hands, use a candle or use air leak detectors if you believe you have a hard to find leak. This improvement is a great way to save money on energy.

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

This is simple and effective. When you reverse your ceiling fans, you circulate warm air around your home, which can potentially save you money on your heating bill. Look on top or underneath your ceiling fans for the button that allows you to switch the direction. It’s usually on the motor housing. If you want to make it more of a “project,” take time to dust and clean your fans, and check to see if any light bulbs need replacing.

3. Insulate Your Attic

Attic insulation is valuable all year, and since you’re more likely to do DIY projects inside your home during the winter, it’s not a bad time to give your attic a look over. Recycled insulation has grown very popular recently, and should be considered for this project. It’s also not a bad idea to take this opportunity to check for air leaks, remove clutter, inspect your roof and plug any holes you can to prevent pests in the new year.

4. Brighten Your Home with Indoor Lighting

Winter is when the nights are longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in darkness. Winter is a great time to make your rooms brighter.  Now is the best time to add indoor lighting all around your home, whether it’s through floor lamps, ceiling lamps (if you’re handy with electrics), or simply upgrading the bulbs around your home to some that are brighter and more lively. If you install LED lighting, you’ll also save yourself some money on energy and replace your lights less often

5. Tune Up Your Heating System

Most homeowners rarely touch their heating system unless there is a problem. But the average heating system benefits from regular tune-ups, which are designed to not only improve energy efficiency, but also potentially reduce the likelihood of carbon monoxide leaks. Give your heating system a tune-up , and enjoy a much more relaxed and warm winter season.

6. Replace Your Old Windows

Winter can also be a great time to replace your old windows, although it may be best to fit that into a few short days to avoid turning your house into a refrigerator. If you have an older home, upgrading to windows that have Low-E glass can save you a lot on your energy bill, as these windows prevent issues with radiative heat. You may also find that your window itself has a leak from age that can be fixed with a new window installation.

There are countless money-saving home projects available in winter for those who like to be handy. Taking time during the cold months to focus on the inside of your home will keep you off the couch this winter and will leave you loads of time to tackle warm-weather projects when spring finally returns.

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Tim Sistrunk writes for Newman Roofing , a Columbus, Ohio roofing company serving the roof repair and replacement needs of Central Ohio homeowners and real estate professionals since 1992.

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