U.S. Home Prices Resume Growth, Up 2.8% in April

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Sales flattened as housing supply rose 3.1%, the smallest year-over-year increase in 7 months

U.S. home-sale prices edged up in April, growing 2.8 percent from a year ago, to a median of $307,600 across the metros Redfin tracks. This marks a rebound from March’s slight year-over-year price decline–the first since early 2012–and a return to the around 3 percent growth rate we were consistently seeing at the end of 2018 and January of this year. That pales in comparison to the 7 to 9 percent home-price increases we had become accustomed to by this time last year, but it represents a much more sustainable level of growth.

Only five of the 85 largest metro areas Redfin tracks saw a year-over-year decline in their median sale price, the biggest of which were a 5.0 percent drop in San Jose, a 1.8 percent dip in New Haven, CT and a 1.3 percent decline in Seattle. The other two price declines were in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, both of which saw prices fall just 0.1 percent from a year earlier.

”Homebuyers should take April’s home-price rebound as a cue that the cooldown may be coming to an end,” said Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather. “The good news is that even though home prices are rising again, mortgage rates remain below last year’s levels and are unlikely to tick back up in a meaningful way this year. While buyers no longer need to feel as much urgency about locking in a low rate before they go back up, buyers who wait too long may face more competition and see home prices rise as a result.”

Year-Over-Year Home Price Growth Rebounded to Near 3% in April
Market SummaryApril 2019Month-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Median sale price$307,6004.5%2.8%
Homes sold268,9002.7%-0.6%
New listings394,1009.3%0.7%
All Homes for sale842,8003.9%3.1%
Median days on market40-90
Months of supply3.100.1
Sold above list22.4%2.3%-4.4%
Median Off-Market Redfin Estimate$300,3000.5%4.6%
Average Sale-to-list98.3%0.5%0.0%

Home sales, while essentially flat nationwide (-0.6%), were down from a year ago in about half of metro areas, with 41 having seen a decline in April.

The markets that posted the largest year-over-year sales gains and the ones where sales fell the most last month tended to be relatively affordable. This marks another reversal from March, when the areas that posted the biggest sales declines were much more expensive than those that saw sales surge the most.

The parity in prices between metros with sales gains and those with sales declines likely contributed to the rebound in the national median price last month. One notable outlier in April was San Jose, the second-most expensive metro in our analysis, where sales fell 10.8 percent.

“When mortgage rates go down, as they began to do in late November, it takes a few months for buyers to react,” explained Fairweather. “Expensive metros like Seattle and Los Angeles have been the most sensitive to changes in rates because you have to borrow more to afford a home in those markets. Home sales are still down year over year in these places, but by less than last month, thanks to mortgage rates remaining low.”

Biggest Gains in Home SalesBiggest Declines in Home Sales
RankMetro AreaYear-Over-Year SalesMedian PriceMetro AreaYear-Over-Year SalesMedian Price
1Columbus, OH22.9%$220,000Philadelphia, PA-16.6%$219,950
2Greenville, SC14.5%$215,000Sacramento, CA-13.8%$409,000
3New Orleans, LA12.1%$225,000Fresno, CA-13.2%$269,950
4McAllen, TX11.5%$151,000Omaha, NE-12.3%$200,000
5Cincinnati, OH10.1%$187,225Albany, NY-11.4%$220,000
6Orlando, FL9.7%$247,570Miami, FL-11.1%$305,000
7Detroit, MI8.3%$126,000San Jose, CA-10.8%$1,150,000
8Denver, CO7.4%$415,000Bridgeport, CT-10.5%$385,000
9Washington, D.C.7.1%$420,000Louisville, KY-10.4%$186,500
10Dayton, OH6.6%$139,900Buffalo, NY-10.2%$145,000

The number of homes for sale as of the end of April was up 3.1 percent from the same time last year. This was the smallest year-over-year increase in home supply in seven months. The number of homes newly listed for sale last month increased 0.7 percent year over year, following two straight months of declines.

Home Supply Posts Smallest Year-Over-Year Gain in 7 Months in April

The median number of days on market for homes sold in April fell to 40—just as quick as the same time a year earlier in the heat of the 2018 spring market frenzy, which was a lot more competitive for buyers than it is right now. Other measures still indicate that the market is cooler than a year ago. In April 23.7 percent of homes for sale had a price drop, up from 21 percent last year. And last month 22.4 percent of homes sold for above list price, down from 26.8 percent last year.

Days on Market Falls Back to 2017-2018 Levels in April

Other April Highlights



  • Camden, NJ had the nation’s highest price growth, rising 20% since last year to $192,000. Birmingham, AL had the second highest growth at 13.2% year-over-year price growth, followed by Milwaukee (12.5%), Knoxville, TN (12.4%), and Dayton, OH (11.3%).
  • 5 metros saw price declines in April. San Jose, CA declined the most since last year falling 5 percent to $1,150,000.



Redfin Estimate

  • The median list price-to-Redfin Estimate ratio was 95.5% in San Francisco, the lowest of any market. Only 10.9% of homes in San Francisco were listed for more than their Redfin Estimate.
  • Conversely, the median list price-to-Redfin Estimate ratio was 102.2% in Miami and 102.0% in West Palm Beach, FL, which means sellers are listing their homes for more than the estimated value in those metro areas. In Miami, 83.4% of homes were listed above their Redfin Estimate, the highest percentage of any metro.

Below are market-by-market breakdowns for prices, inventory, new listings and sales for markets with populations of 750 thousand or more. For downloadable data on all of the markets Redfin tracks, visit the Redfin Data Center.

Median Sale Price

Redfin MetroMedian Sale PriceMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY$220,00010.0%9.5%
Allentown, PA$190,0002.8%2.7%
Atlanta, GA$246,0002.0%3.4%
Austin, TX$320,0005.3%1.6%
Bakersfield, CA$237,0000.9%3.5%
Baltimore, MD$275,0007.8%4.2%
Baton Rouge, LA$204,9003.0%2.5%
Birmingham, AL$215,0005.7%13.2%
Boston, MA$485,0002.8%1.0%
Bridgeport, CT$385,0006.9%0.0%
Buffalo, NY$145,0000.0%7.4%
Camden, NJ$192,0006.7%20.0%
Charlotte, NC$257,9004.8%5.3%
Chicago, IL$255,0006.2%3.8%
Cincinnati, OH$187,2005.9%6.1%
Cleveland, OH$149,0002.7%3.4%
Columbus, OH$220,0009.5%10.0%
Dallas, TX$299,9001.7%3.4%
Dayton, OH$139,9008.4%11.3%
Denver, CO$415,0001.5%0.0%
Detroit, MI$126,000-2.3%5.8%
El Paso, TX$159,9001.3%3.2%
Fort Lauderdale, FL$265,0000.0%3.9%
Fort Worth, TX$248,5001.4%5.6%
Fresno, CA$270,000-2.4%3.8%
Grand Rapids, MI$210,0006.6%9.2%
Greenville, SC$215,0003.9%8.8%
Hampton Roads, VA$237,5008.0%5.1%
Hartford, CT$217,5006.1%1.2%
Honolulu, HI$570,000-2.6%4.0%
Houston, TX$245,0002.1%2.1%
Indianapolis, IN$186,0002.8%6.3%
Jacksonville, FL$229,6002.1%2.1%
Kansas City, MO$225,0004.7%7.2%
Knoxville, TN$203,0003.6%12.4%
Las Vegas, NV$278,200-0.6%3.1%
Long Island, NY$439,9000.0%4.7%
Los Angeles, CA$625,0000.8%2.5%
Louisville, KY$186,5003.9%2.8%
McAllen, TX$151,000-1.5%5.0%
Memphis, TN$180,0009.2%9.1%
Miami, FL$305,0001.7%5.9%
Milwaukee, WI$225,0009.8%12.5%
Minneapolis, MN$280,0001.8%5.7%
Montgomery County, PA$308,0001.0%2.7%
Nashville, TN$289,9000.3%2.9%
New Haven, CT$206,1003.1%-1.8%
New Orleans, LA$225,0007.1%4.7%
New York, NY$385,0001.3%2.7%
Newark, NJ$346,0005.5%6.5%
Oakland, CA$750,0002.7%0.0%
Oklahoma City, OK$180,0000.0%5.3%
Omaha, NE$200,000-1.0%5.8%
Orange County, CA$720,5002.9%2.9%
Orlando, FL$247,600-0.9%3.2%
Oxnard, CA$605,0000.8%1.7%
Philadelphia, PA$220,00012.8%10.0%
Phoenix, AZ$273,0001.1%6.0%
Pittsburgh, PA$168,0003.4%5.0%
Portland, OR$395,0000.7%-0.1%
Providence, RI$266,8000.7%3.6%
Raleigh, NC$294,5003.3%4.0%
Richmond, VA$255,0002.0%6.2%
Riverside, CA$377,0001.9%4.7%
Rochester, NY$142,0002.9%2.2%
Sacramento, CA$409,0003.5%2.6%
Salt Lake City, UT$335,0004.7%8.8%
San Antonio, TX$225,0000.0%3.7%
San Diego, CA$585,0003.5%1.7%
San Francisco, CA$1,425,0001.8%-0.1%
San Jose, CA$1,150,0003.1%-5.0%
Seattle, WA$572,2002.2%-1.3%
St. Louis, MO$180,0002.3%0.9%
Tacoma, WA$356,900-2.2%5.0%
Tampa, FL$225,0000.0%1.4%
Tucson, AZ$216,000-1.8%1.9%
Tulsa, OK$169,0002.4%2.4%
Warren, MI$210,0002.4%3.4%
Washington, DC$420,0007.7%2.7%
West Palm Beach, FL$285,0005.6%7.5%
Worcester, MA$265,0006.0%6.0%

Homes Sold

Redfin MetroHomes SoldMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY692-4.8%-11.4%
Allentown, PA8769.6%3.3%
Atlanta, GA9,101-7.8%-8.7%
Austin, TX3,0746.6%5.0%
Bakersfield, CA78310.6%1.0%
Baltimore, MD3,660-12.0%3.3%
Baton Rouge, LA898-3.1%2.0%
Birmingham, AL1,5141.5%4.3%
Boston, MA3,61613.6%2.4%
Bridgeport, CT8151.0%-10.5%
Buffalo, NY740-3.8%-10.2%
Camden, NJ1,562-32.1%2.6%
Charlotte, NC3,7435.7%2.9%
Chicago, IL9,44617.2%-6.5%
Cincinnati, OH2,23611.0%10.1%
Cleveland, OH2,46216.4%6.2%
Columbus, OH2,83820.0%22.9%
Dallas, TX5,7315.4%1.9%
Dayton, OH1,051-0.9%6.6%
Denver, CO5,0169.1%7.4%
Detroit, MI1,698-6.0%8.3%
El Paso, TX7324.9%-0.1%
Fort Lauderdale, FL3,1982.0%-0.4%
Fort Worth, TX2,9950.5%-2.2%
Fresno, CA7324.1%-13.2%
Grand Rapids, MI1,173-7.6%-1.8%
Greenville, SC1,2439.9%14.5%
Hampton Roads, VA2,107-6.8%0.4%
Hartford, CT1,1479.9%0.7%
Honolulu, HI7773.7%-6.9%
Houston, TX7,8067.8%4.1%
Indianapolis, IN2,87710.2%-3.4%
Jacksonville, FL2,628-1.6%5.7%
Kansas City, MO2,81212.5%-7.9%
Knoxville, TN1,2154.3%1.2%
Las Vegas, NV3,5066.1%-1.3%
Long Island, NY2,048-22.1%3.4%
Los Angeles, CA5,92414.5%-1.8%
Louisville, KY1,206-13.3%-10.4%
McAllen, TX30113.2%11.5%
Memphis, TN1,101-12.3%-9.2%
Miami, FL2,559-20.7%-11.1%
Milwaukee, WI1,7323.5%-1.4%
Minneapolis, MN4,6478.1%5.3%
Montgomery County, PA1,943-5.0%-6.4%
Nashville, TN3,238-2.9%-3.0%
New Haven, CT81710.4%1.6%
New Orleans, LA1,3087.0%12.1%
New York, NY6,448-13.8%-9.1%
Newark, NJ2,240-2.5%-5.5%
Oakland, CA2,33416.0%-3.3%
Oklahoma City, OK1,870-7.7%-1.7%
Omaha, NE97012.5%-12.3%
Orange County, CA2,54916.5%-3.9%
Orlando, FL4,178-8.1%9.7%
Oxnard, CA73721.0%2.2%
Philadelphia, PA1,936-11.2%-16.6%
Phoenix, AZ9,22314.0%3.1%
Pittsburgh, PA2,072-3.1%0.2%
Portland, OR3,0747.9%-4.8%
Providence, RI1,4843.5%-2.7%
Raleigh, NC2,3411.5%2.1%
Richmond, VA1,488-9.3%-10.1%
Riverside, CA4,87011.4%-6.8%
Rochester, NY8335.3%2.2%
Sacramento, CA2,5708.7%-13.8%
Salt Lake City, UT1,62819.7%0.1%
San Antonio, TX2,574-1.8%-3.0%
San Diego, CA3,09211.2%-3.5%
San Francisco, CA1,06720.3%4.8%
San Jose, CA1,31315.7%-10.8%
Seattle, WA4,05025.7%-2.9%
St. Louis, MO3,2556.7%-9.8%
Tacoma, WA1,33510.7%-2.4%
Tampa, FL5,902-9.8%5.6%
Tucson, AZ1,6414.9%1.0%
Tulsa, OK1,2555.6%4.4%
Warren, MI3,171-11.5%3.0%
Washington, DC8,1713.1%7.1%
West Palm Beach, FL3,055-6.3%-8.5%
Worcester, MA82810.8%-7.3%

New Listings

Redfin MetroNew ListingsMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY1,30129.5%-2.3%
Albuquerque, NM1,62810.7%2.6%
Allentown, PA1,29017.0%-5.6%
Atlanta, GA12,6073.8%-2.7%
Austin, TX4,1743.0%-4.7%
Bakersfield, CA1,0837.2%-2.5%
Baltimore, MD5,7819.7%1.4%
Baton Rouge, LA1,2573.3%-1.1%
Birmingham, AL1,9065.8%-7.2%
Boston, MA6,90219.2%-4.2%
Bridgeport, CT1,9438.6%-5.3%
Buffalo, NY1,35321.3%1.5%
Camden, NJ2,6194.4%-2.9%
Charlotte, NC4,8022.4%-0.8%
Chicago, IL16,5715.4%-1.2%
Cincinnati, OH3,01420.0%2.6%
Cleveland, OH3,58010.4%3.9%
Columbus, OH3,38216.1%1.4%
Dallas, TX8,6374.6%2.0%
Dayton, OH1,35414.9%1.4%
Denver, CO6,68820.5%6.5%
Detroit, MI2,73827.1%5.2%
El Paso, TX9948.9%36.4%
Fort Lauderdale, FL4,257-2.1%1.7%
Fort Worth, TX4,1286.6%-3.0%
Fresno, CA1,0256.3%-2.1%
Grand Rapids, MI1,77827.5%16.3%
Greenville, SC1,5286.6%-1.1%
Hampton Roads, VA3,08013.1%1.5%
Hartford, CT2,14219.5%2.2%
Honolulu, HI1,0965.9%-5.2%
Houston, TX11,8036.2%0.8%
Indianapolis, IN3,54814.9%0.4%
Jacksonville, FL3,157-2.1%-4.3%
Kansas City, MO4,45322.9%3.2%
Knoxville, TN1,6074.7%31.7%
Las Vegas, NV4,656-3.4%4.4%
Long Island, NY4,2535.4%-1.2%
Los Angeles, CA8,0865.5%-6.4%
Louisville, KY1,7334.6%-0.7%
McAllen, TX467-1.3%4.5%
Memphis, TN1,5909.5%3.2%
Miami, FL4,233-1.8%0.0%
Milwaukee, WI2,36819.7%7.8%
Minneapolis, MN7,13726.5%3.2%
Montgomery County, PA3,72518.1%0.4%
Nashville, TN4,6449.1%2.1%
New Haven, CT1,50116.7%1.5%
New Orleans, LA1,79313.9%26.4%
New York, NY15,73311.0%1.2%
Newark, NJ4,48712.9%1.9%
Oakland, CA3,29410.8%5.0%
Oklahoma City, OK2,72016.9%8.7%
Omaha, NE1,46829.5%-9.7%
Orange County, CA3,6122.1%-6.0%
Orlando, FL4,9830.4%3.1%
Oxnard, CA9914.4%-5.8%
Philadelphia, PA3,5849.9%2.0%
Phoenix, AZ9,830-2.8%0.2%
Pittsburgh, PA3,07513.9%-0.8%
Portland, OR4,71317.9%13.6%
Providence, RI2,63524.6%2.3%
Raleigh, NC2,815-0.1%-7.0%
Richmond, VA2,32811.6%-0.6%
Riverside, CA6,4395.3%-6.7%
Rochester, NY1,38618.7%-4.9%
Sacramento, CA3,84724.0%-0.2%
Salt Lake City, UT2,03015.9%-7.9%
San Antonio, TX3,7811.4%5.8%
San Diego, CA4,0806.6%-3.5%
San Francisco, CA1,2606.0%-5.0%
San Jose, CA1,86518.0%2.6%
Seattle, WA5,5615.8%3.4%
St. Louis, MO4,85411.1%-2.3%
Tacoma, WA1,6489.4%-9.7%
Tampa, FL6,586-2.7%-1.7%
Tulsa, OK1,64423.8%1.7%
Warren, MI5,00522.0%4.0%
Washington, DC12,12110.4%-6.2%
West Palm Beach, FL3,768-5.6%-4.8%
Worcester, MA1,51230.5%-3.4%

All Homes for Sale

Redfin MetroAll Homes for SaleMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY2,7153.9%4.3%
Albuquerque, NM4,0916.8%-4.5%
Allentown, PA3,27024.5%34.2%
Atlanta, GA23,476-0.2%-3.7%
Austin, TX6,8670.0%-6.0%
Bakersfield, CA1,8660.9%-9.7%
Baltimore, MD10,17012.1%2.8%
Baton Rouge, LA4,71716.6%31.4%
Birmingham, AL4,6704.0%-11.4%
Boston, MA7,99110.3%9.9%
Bridgeport, CT6,07110.6%-4.7%
Buffalo, NY1,7034.0%-6.6%
Camden, NJ6,1343.0%-19.8%
Charlotte, NC11,1723.4%1.8%
Chicago, IL42,1268.3%5.0%
Cincinnati, OH6,8818.7%-3.7%
Cleveland, OH7,6152.3%-4.9%
Columbus, OH5,8217.6%-0.2%
Dallas, TX17,129-1.4%12.8%
Dayton, OH2,2961.6%-13.2%
Denver, CO7,0139.2%26.5%
Detroit, MI4,4281.0%10.1%
El Paso, TX2,435-3.3%-9.0%
Fort Lauderdale, FL14,413-5.3%8.0%
Fort Worth, TX6,760-4.9%0.8%
Fresno, CA1,702-0.6%7.7%
Grand Rapids, MI2,1356.2%18.7%
Greenville, SC4,1586.2%5.1%
Hampton Roads, VA6,3270.3%-14.2%
Hartford, CT5,20312.0%-7.6%
Honolulu, HI3,9064.9%20.3%
Houston, TX27,0400.9%7.2%
Indianapolis, IN4,466-2.5%-0.3%
Jacksonville, FL7,675-2.4%3.7%
Knoxville, TN4,49310.0%20.2%
Las Vegas, NV11,4171.8%20.0%
Long Island, NY10,9574.2%6.8%
Los Angeles, CA18,017-0.9%12.4%
Louisville, KY2,8800.0%0.9%
McAllen, TX1,843-6.0%-5.0%
Memphis, TN2,8401.8%-6.8%
Miami, FL18,490-4.2%4.2%
Milwaukee, WI4,73611.0%-2.9%
Minneapolis, MN9,0068.4%-2.2%
Montgomery County, PA6,28722.9%-19.7%
Nashville, TN11,2985.8%16.5%
New Haven, CT3,84710.7%-7.0%
New Orleans, LA4,057-1.2%-34.5%
New York, NY53,6118.2%2.6%
Newark, NJ10,91911.9%5.3%
Oakland, CA3,5516.5%36.1%
Oklahoma City, OK4,693-1.0%-13.1%
Omaha, NE1,4942.2%-10.3%
Orange County, CA8,5300.1%13.8%
Orlando, FL9,398-7.1%-0.1%
Oxnard, CA2,3564.2%41.6%
Philadelphia, PA6,82413.7%-6.4%
Phoenix, AZ20,414-7.6%1.1%
Pittsburgh, PA8,5886.5%-8.5%
Portland, OR6,7658.6%28.5%
Providence, RI5,1347.8%5.0%
Raleigh, NC6,3242.8%-7.7%
Richmond, VA3,0954.0%-3.3%
Riverside, CA15,824-3.6%1.0%
Rochester, NY1,4274.5%-26.9%
Sacramento, CA4,7969.1%6.2%
Salt Lake City, UT4,51225.8%45.0%
San Antonio, TX8,222-4.5%0.6%
San Diego, CA6,682-1.1%6.0%
San Francisco, CA1,4502.2%11.3%
San Jose, CA2,2799.1%67.6%
Seattle, WA6,0525.7%57.2%
St. Louis, MO11,69525.5%2.2%
Tacoma, WA1,527-1.3%-10.0%
Tampa, FL13,266-8.1%2.1%
Tulsa, OK4,52830.5%19.9%
Warren, MI6,9895.7%12.5%
Washington, DC16,14220.7%-5.5%
West Palm Beach, FL15,136-4.9%2.4%
Worcester, MA2,0007.5%-8.9%

Median Off-Market Redfin Estimate

Redfin MetroEstimateMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY$213,5000.0%2.9%
Allentown, PA$209,3000.5%5.9%
Atlanta, GA$223,1001.4%10.9%
Austin, TX$307,0001.8%5.2%
Bakersfield, CA$217,9001.2%6.9%
Baltimore, MD$252,2000.1%2.6%
Baton Rouge, LA$152,3000.4%2.2%
Birmingham, AL$149,3000.5%4.6%
Boston, MA$492,9000.4%4.3%
Buffalo, NY$156,1000.2%5.5%
Camden, NJ$194,2000.8%3.7%
Charlotte, NC$207,3000.3%7.9%
Chicago, IL$241,8000.1%4.9%
Cincinnati, OH$169,9000.8%6.2%
Cleveland, OH$139,1000.7%6.3%
Columbus, OH$192,0000.3%7.1%
Dallas, TX$258,0000.4%4.6%
Dayton, OH$118,1001.1%4.4%
Denver, CO$413,1000.5%4.0%
Detroit, MI$108,5001.2%12.6%
Fort Lauderdale, FL$267,000-0.1%6.5%
Fort Worth, TX$215,9000.8%7.2%
Fresno, CA$257,2001.2%6.3%
Grand Rapids, MI$162,4000.9%7.9%
Greenville, SC$172,3001.0%8.4%
Hampton Roads, VA$225,3000.4%3.5%
Honolulu, HI$692,4000.7%1.7%
Houston, TX$209,1000.4%5.3%
Indianapolis, IN$161,7000.8%7.7%
Jacksonville, FL$220,6000.6%8.1%
Kansas City, MO$187,2000.4%6.1%
Knoxville, TN$159,8006.0%12.9%
Las Vegas, NV$276,9000.8%9.8%
Long Island, NY$444,6000.1%4.6%
Los Angeles, CA$628,8000.1%4.7%
Louisville, KY$159,8005.4%11.0%
Memphis, TN$138,8001.7%6.3%
Miami, FL$298,8000.2%5.2%
Milwaukee, WI$209,9000.6%6.3%
Minneapolis, MN$260,0000.9%5.9%
Montgomery County, PA$317,1000.4%2.8%
Nashville, TN$254,9002.0%8.4%
New Orleans, LA$169,7000.2%4.5%
Newark, NJ$370,400-0.4%13.2%
Oakland, CA$767,2001.1%3.0%
Oklahoma City, OK$145,6002.3%6.8%
Omaha, NE$172,6001.3%6.8%
Orange County, CA$718,3001.8%3.2%
Orlando, FL$235,0000.3%6.8%
Oxnard, CA$600,6000.2%2.6%
Philadelphia, PA$190,700-2.5%-1.8%
Phoenix, AZ$271,7000.5%6.9%
Pittsburgh, PA$145,1001.0%7.5%
Portland, OR$393,6000.6%3.2%
Providence, RI$296,0000.4%4.7%
Raleigh, NC$268,0000.6%6.6%
Richmond, VA$224,8000.5%4.9%
Riverside, CA$366,3000.4%4.5%
Rochester, NY$145,4001.0%6.4%
Sacramento, CA$403,4000.8%4.0%
Salt Lake City, UT$330,3000.8%8.2%
San Antonio, TX$194,0000.2%5.8%
San Diego, CA$592,4000.6%2.9%
San Francisco, CA$1,318,900-0.4%0.7%
San Jose, CA$1,193,700-0.1%-2.8%
Seattle, WA$557,4000.4%2.2%
St. Louis, MO$158,2001.4%6.2%
Tacoma, WA$350,9001.0%7.2%
Tampa, FL$220,0000.2%5.8%
Tucson, AZ$213,1001.8%8.6%
Tulsa, OK$139,8000.6%4.2%
Warren, MI$212,4000.9%6.1%
Washington, DC$387,6000.2%2.8%
West Palm Beach, FL$267,4000.6%3.7%
Worcester, MA$287,3000.6%5.3%
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Senior Data Journalist / Real Estate Analyst

Tim Ellis has been analyzing the real estate market since 2005, and worked at Redfin as a housing market analyst from 2010 through 2013 and again starting in 2018. In his free time, he runs the independently-operated Seattle-area real estate website Seattle Bubble, and produces the "Dispatches from the Multiverse" improvised comedy sci-fi podcast.

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