Tommy Unger

Tommy is a Real Estate Data Analyst at Redfin in Seattle. He brings interesting information and insights to home buyers, sellers, owners, as well as industry experts. Throughout his career working in the real estate and analytics, he's never met a number or chart he didn't find interesting. Tommy grew up in Atlanta, GA and earned a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. With his wife and two kids, you can find him on the Burke-Gilman Trail biking through Seattle, or hiking up in the Cascade Mountains.

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World Cup Fever is Global in the U.S.

With 13 percent of the U.S. population born in another country, it’s easy to find excited fans cheering on almost every team participating in this global competition that happens only once every four years. We created a map that connects each of the 31 non-U.S. countries participating in World Cup 2014 with a U.S. city where you’re likely to find residents who were born in that country.

Two Middle-Class Incomes Don’t Add Up To a Home

A family with two middle-class incomes can’t afford a median-priced home in most of the largest U.S. cities, according to a Redfin analysis of affordability based on list prices and median incomes. Home prices, which have seen two straight years of 13 percent increases, are rising again.

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