Out of Sight, Out of Mind: 14 Expert Tips for Concealing Eyesores in Your Home

Updated on January 8th, 2024

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In every home, there may be aspects that, while functional, aren’t necessarily easy on the eyes. From cords snaking across the floor to storage areas that seem to defy organization, these “eyesores” can disrupt the harmony of a living space.  In this Redfin article, we’ve compiled thirteen tried-and-true tips from design professionals to help you transform your space, ensuring that form meets function in the most aesthetically pleasing way. So whether you rent an apartment in Tyler, TX, or own a house in Valparaiso, IN, say goodbye to visual distractions and hello to a home that exudes both practicality and style.

1. Utilize baskets

Whether organizing unruly cords or hiding miscellaneous clutter, strategically placing baskets adds a functional and aesthetically pleasing touch to any space.

“Baskets of all sizes can be used to conceal a variety of eyesores around the house,” notes  Florence Street Interiors. “Hide laundry in closets and the bath in tall, lidded baskets. Stash extra blankets and pillows between movie nights in an oversized console basket in the media room, and use woven utility baskets in the mudroom to hold jackets, hats, and scarves that may otherwise end up tossed on the floor.”

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2. Utilize peel-and-stick molding and paint

“It is always a challenge for a designer to hide those eyesores in your home,” says Soul Sister Design. “Our tip to hide an ugly wall is peel and stick molding and a little paint. It not only hides the ugly wall, it makes a statement as well.”

Simply apply the molding to create a polished architectural element that diverts attention from the undesirable feature, then paint it to seamlessly blend with the surrounding space, achieving a harmonious and polished look.

A cabinet with peel and stick wallpaper

Photo courtesy of Soul Sister Design

3. Use a stack of books and plants to hide cords

Arranging a stack of books strategically around cords offers an ingenious solution for hiding eyesores and imparts a touch of literary charm to your space. Pairing this with strategically placed plants creates a natural barrier.

“If you have an open shelf under your nightstand, hide those lamp cords,” recommends Kaci Verdun of KRM Design Group. “We use a decorative basket or a stack of books to hide the look of unwanted cords. When it comes to family rooms, many of our clients have surround sound speakers that they need to include in their living space. If they cannot be hidden in the media console, we suggest hiding them behind a large plant in the corner of the room.”

4. Use furniture and color to hide eyesores 

Strategically positioning furniture can be a powerful tool in concealing eyesores. By selecting pieces that complement the room’s layout and strategically placing them, you can redirect focus and create a harmonious flow, effectively masking any undesirable elements. 

On this otherwise beautiful art gallery wall, I see five eyesores. The biggest one is the return air vent. If this wall were painted a color other than neutral, the easiest way would be to have the vent sprayed the same color as the walls. However, in this case, I would suggest getting a decorative air vent cover. There are beautiful options made out of louvered wood that you could have painted the same color as the wall or the trim. Also, if you have enough room, you can place a piece of furniture, like a console table with picture frames placed on it and an open bottom in front of it so that air can still flow,” shares Leslie Newpher Interiors.

A wall with paintings

Photo courtesy of Leslie Newpher Interiors

5. Create a pullout drawer for dog food and water bowls

Integrating pullout bowls into your kitchen design is a savvy way to discreetly tuck away dog bowls when they’re not in use.

Strauss House Designs states, “​​I love to hide the dog’s food and water bowls in a kitchen. I have recently been adding a pullout drawer or an open cubby at the bottom of a kitchen cabinet to tuck these away. I would recommend surrounding that area either in stone or metal to protect it from water/food damage and to make for an easy cleanup.”

6. Run your electric cords alongside existing elements

Running electrical wires discreetly alongside existing elements, such as baseboards or molding, offers a seamless solution for hiding eyesores. 

“When it’s impossible to run electrical cords inside a wall, run them alongside existing elements. We did so here with this Frame TV. The cord drops down on the left side (hidden behind decorative objects), and then it’s encased in a cord track which we ran alongside the mantel and fireplace surround. The track is painted the same color as the wall to disguise it further,” notes Cate Holcombe, CEO of Cate Holcombe Interiors.

Photo courtesy of Anna Barzin

7. Use lucite trays to put away pens, paperwork, and project files

Employing lucite trays is a chic and practical way to stow away pens, paperwork, and project files. The transparent nature of lucite imparts a sleek, unobtrusive look, allowing you to stay organized without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space.

New York, NY-based Endlessly Lush recommends “getting a few stackable lucite trays to put away pens, paperwork, and project files when finished with the work day. These trays could be easily moved around when using the dining table, especially for people who work from home.” 

8. Install panels behind a wall-mounted TV

“Installing panels behind a wall-mounted TV not only allows you to hide the TV leads and create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop but has the added bonus of the acoustic benefits that panel provides for directing sound into the room,” remarks Beechgrove Interiors.

Living room

9. Use velvet thin hangers 

Opting for velvet thin hangers is a smart organizational choice that not only saves space but also offers a sleek and cohesive look to your closet. The slim profile of these hangers minimizes visual clutter, allowing your clothing to hang neatly and effectively hiding any eyesores within your wardrobe.

“My advice is to buy thin velvet hangers all in the same color and hang clothes by color,” shares D John Design. “It saves on space, looks good, and it is easy to find things. Again, if you have too many things in your closet, get a basket or two to put in off-season items and store them up high.” 

10. Curate a gallery wall

Creating a curated wall gallery is a stylish way to divert attention from unsightly elements in a room. By strategically arranging art and photographs, you can draw focus away from eyesores while adding a personalized and visually engaging focal point to the space.

Adelina Social Goods states, “A gallery wall with beautiful and inspirational art is a great way to hide scuffs and nail holes, uneven wall textures, or an unsightly paint finish. We love to use hanging strips to make adjusting the artwork and changing things up a breeze – plus there are no new nail holes to repair later.”

Gallery Wall

11. Lean smaller-scale art to hide cords

“Cables and cords are the stuff of life, but they can become a spidery web of a mess if not handled properly,” remarks Catherine Nguyen Catherine Nguyen Photography. “Try leaning or layering small-scale art on the counters in the kitchen and hiding the cord behind. In the office, use different-sized baskets to hide external hard drives and cords when not in use.”

12. Build hidden doors for storage and private rooms

“Imagine having a secret room where you can escape to and work in peace or store items you don’t want out in the open,” states  Baileigh Henderson of Pionarch. “Now, envision this shelving unit functioning as a bookcase or for storing old-fashioned records while seamlessly leading to a hidden office or storage area with clutter. Installing a hidden door is a clever way to enhance the appearance of your home and offers an innovative solution to common problems. And when the door is closed, it is flush with your existing wall for a more aesthetically pleasing look.”

Hidden Door

Photo courtesy of Pionarch Design and Construction |  Marshall Dackert Photography

13. Use curtains 

Utilizing curtains is a versatile and elegant solution for concealing eyesores in any space. Whether it’s hiding an unattractive view or concealing storage areas, well-chosen curtains can effortlessly blend functionality with style, transforming the overall look and feel of a room.

“When in doubt, use curtains,” recommends Bitchin’ Digs. “We’ve used them to hide all sorts of eyesores, parts of your house or a restaurant that you don’t have the budget to remodel fully. We have used light filtering curtains or stained glass over windows with an ugly view.” 

A living room with curains

14. And, of course … tidy up

“As an interior designer, my mind explodes when I look at real estate photos where homeowners take zero effort into making their house presentable for sale. The simplest things matter. Put your toilet seats down.  Make your beds. Try to declutter a little so it shows off your home so the buyer can see it,” says Joe Lucas of  Lucas Studio, Inc.

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