The 9 Fastest-Growing Cities in Ohio

Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Ohio is best known for being home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and being the birthplace of aviation. It’s no surprise that around 11.8 million people call this state home due to its great cities and beautiful scenery. If you want to move to Ohio or are just curious to learn more about the state, keep reading this article. Redfin put together a list of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio that saw the largest population increase from 2017 to 2021. From Columbus to Cincinnati, read on to see what cities made the list. 

Cincinnati Skyline

#1: Middletown, OH 

Median sale price: $150,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $825
Middletown, OH homes for sale
Middletown, OH apartments for rent

Taking the first spot on our list of fastest-growing cities in Ohio is Middletown. The city is well known for its small-town feel, many family-owned businesses, and close-knit community. Middletown currently has a population of nearly 51,000, which is an increase of 4% from 2017. 

It’s no surprise that many people are choosing to call this place home as there is a ton of parks such as Smith Park, Jacot Park, and Sunset Park and entertainment venues like Sorg Opera House. There are also many restaurants that are sure to please including Gracie’s, The Jug, and The Slice.

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#2: Kettering, OH

Median sale price: $230,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,500
Kettering, OH homes for sale
Kettering, OH apartments for rent

A large suburban community on the south side of Dayton, Kettering, OH takes the second spot of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio. It saw a 4% increase in population to its current population of around 57,400. 

There are numerous exciting things to do in the city such as strolling at Hills & Dales Metro Park, Indian Riffle Park, and J.F. Kennedy Park, enjoying a delicious meal at Troni’s Italian Restaurant, Sea Jax Tavern, and SIMA,  or catching a show at Fraze Pavilion.

#3: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Median sale price: $190,500
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,075
Cuyahoga Falls, OH homes for sale
Cuyahoga Falls, OH apartments for rent

Cuyahoga Falls, OH is best known for the Cuyahoga River and which runs through it. The falls for which the city is named were created by the damming of the river in the early 19th century.

If you are hungry and want a delicious bite to eat, check out Leo’s Italian Social, Butcher & Sprout, and Darby’s on 59. Also, take a walk through one of the many parks like George Metro Park, Lions Park, and Oak Park. Lastly, be sure to watch a show at Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls Downtown Amphitheater, or Porthouse Theatre.

Cuyahoga Falls saw a 3% increase in population and has a population of around 50,800. 

#4: Columbus, OH

Median sale price: $280,000
Columbus, OH homes for sale
Columbus, OH apartments for rent

The state capital of Ohio and the home of The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH makes number four on our list. Columbus saw a 3% increase to its current population of nearly 906,550 residents.

There are a lot of wonderful activities to do while living in Columbus from venturing into Goodale Park and to trying the local cuisine at Marcella’s, The Guild House, and The Pearl. If you love the arts and entertainment scene, be sure to check out the Columbus Museum of Art, Palace Theatre, and Newport Music Hall.

Ohio Theater

#5: Lorain, OH

Median sale price: $127,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $695
Lorain, OH homes for sale
Lorain, OH apartments for rent

Lorain, OH is home to the Black River and has a rich steel and shipping history. It is the fifth fastest-growing city in Ohio. Lorainsaw a 3% increase in population since 2017 and currently has around 65,450 residents. 

Wondering what it’s like living in Lorain? Check out these fun activities: going on a jog at Scioto Audubon Metro Park and Bicentennial Park, visiting the Lorain Historical Society, watching a show at the Lorain Palace Theatre, or trying a delicious meal at Chris’ Restaurant, El Kefón, and Lenoci’s Spaghetti House.

#6: Cincinnati, OH

Median sale price: $247,250
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,642
Cincinnati, OH homes for sale
Cincinnati, OH apartments for rent

Coming in at sixth is Cincinnati, OH which is home to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Cincinnati Reds, SkyStar Wheel, and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. 

While living in Cincinnati, you’ll find many things to explore, such as grabbing a bite to eat at Nada, Incline Public House, and Sotto, visiting a museum such as the Cincinnati Art Museum, American Sign Museum, and National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, going on a jog through Washington Park, Eden Park, and Sawyer Point Park, or watching a show at Aronoff Center for the Arts, Bogart’s, and Riverbend Music Center.

The city saw a 2% increase since 2017 to its current population of about 308,950 residents.

Cincinnati Skyline

#7: Newark, OH

Median sale price: $215,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $675
Newark, OH homes for sale
Newark, OH apartments for rent

Wanting to make a move to Newark, OH? Known for its rich history and for being the home of The Ohio State University at Newark, the city has a strong economic base and is known for its manufacturing industries. Newark currently has a population of about 50,400, a 2% increase since 2017.

You may be wondering what there is to do in Newark. There are a lot of fun activities to explore, like browsing museums such as the National Heisey Glass Museum to lounging at Rotary Park, Flory Park, and Horns Hills Park. Be sure to taste the local cuisine at Skorpios Gyros, Puerto Vallarta, and Dasiy’s Diner, and afterward, catch a show at Midland Theatre.

#8: Hamilton, OH

Median sale price: $190,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment:$1,127
Hamilton, OH homes for sale
Hamilton, OH apartments for rent

Hamilton, OH comes in at eighth and is best known for being the City of Sculpture. It is home to the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and the Hamilton Children’s Sculpture Garden. The city saw an increase of 1% to its current population of around 62,950. 

If you’re curious about what activities you can do in Hamilton, be sure to pay a visit to a handful of parks around the city, such as Millikin Woods Park, Marcum Park, and Jim Grimm Park, and venues like the Fitton Center For Creative Arts. Also, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Basil 1791, Hyde’s Restaurant, and Rob City Grill for a taste of what the city has to offer.

#9: Parma, OH

Median sale price: $187,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,100
Parma, OH homes for sale
Parma, OH apartments for rent

Parma, OH is a Cleveland suburb. A fun fact about the city is that it was originally named “Greenbrier” after a weedy shrub common in the area. The town’s name was changed to Parma in 1826 after one of the city’s original settlers visited Italy and was impressed by its beauty. Parma is the ninth fastest-growing city in Ohio. The city is home to nearly 80,000 people, which is a 1.11% increase. 

Looking for fun activities to do while living in Parma? Well, there are many fun things you can check out. You can have a picnic at Nike Site Park, West Creek Reservation, and Radlick Park. If you love food, be sure to check out Mission BBQ, Tony’s Family Restaurant, and Seoul Garden Restaurant. If arts and entertainment are your thing, be sure to visit The Cassidy Theatre.

Methodology: Population growth was calculated over a 5-year span (2017 vs. 2021). Only cities with a population of over 50,000 were used, as anything smaller is considered a town. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during August 2022. Average rental data from during August 2022.

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