Moving Homes? Experts Share How to Cleanse a New Home Before Moving In

Updated on April 26th, 2022

Congratulations! You received the keys to your new home and are ready to make a move into your new space. With any luck, the previous owners or landlord would’ve done their best to ensure the space is in tip-top shape, but chances are they didn’t think of clearing the energy. Whether it’s to an apartment in New York or a newly renovated Victorian-style house, it takes time to get used to a new home and make it your own. That’s why we reached out to experts for their best tips on how to physically and spiritually cleanse a new home to invite positive energy. Read on to learn more about the different methods you can use to kickstart a new chapter in your home. 

Should you spiritually cleanse a new house before moving in?

When buying a new home, it’s essential to cleanse the home of less beneficial energies to have a clear space to connect with and set the intention for your home to remain a sacred, clear space. Your home is an expansion of your inner consciousness with its own energetic blueprint that can impact your overall wellbeing. You can use smoke clearings (burning incense, resins, sage), sound (sing and dance to your favorite song in the living room), and lighting candles, to name a few ways you can cleanse your new home on your own. Whichever method you use, it’s important to open the windows while setting the intention that all unwanted energies leave and to speak into existence the kind of vibration and feeling you want to create in your home. –Reiki Health and Wellness

Start your cleansing ritual off on the right foot 

1) Create a space for new energies

When moving into a new home, first lovingly greet and thank the spirit of your home for welcoming you and providing shelter and love. Before moving anything new into your home, open the windows and doors to let fresh air and energy in and release old, stagnant, or dense energy. Then, sweep, mop, and clean all surfaces to clear away density, negativity, or anything with lower vibration. Cleaning and clearing also help spread blessings, bliss, abundance, and love (for example, “As I wipe this counter, I send love and gratitude to our new home.”). Finally, stand in the center of your new home and imagine how you’d like your life to play out here and the blessings, abundance, bliss, and love that’ll unfold there. As you imagine and visualize your dream, let the positive emotions you feel build in your heart and visualize yourself projecting this positive energy out of your body and into every corner, nook, and cranny of your home. Doing this sets the energetic template of your home to match your intentions for your dream life here. –White Sage Interiors

2) Acquaint yourself with your new home

As soon as possible after receiving the keys to your new house or apartment, and preferably before the furniture arrives, spend some time in each room introducing yourself to your new home and getting to know each other. Talk aloud to it – walls have ears, and homes have hearts, so start as you mean to go on and make friends with your home.

Once you have become acquainted, do a space clearing in each room using sage or Palo Santo and sound (clapping/singing/drumming/humming.) Start at the door and work your way around the room clockwise, thanking the house for looking after its previous family and thanking it in advance for looking after yours in the future. Your home is your best friend and is looking forward to its new job. –Feng Shui with Lucy

3) Set a new intention for your home

Energy and intention affect everything. When you first move into a new home, it’s important to clear the space of any lingering energy from the past owners and set your intentions for the atmosphere you want to create. There’s no limit to what you can create, and no better time to do this than when you first move in, so let your imagination soar and set the stage for the space and energy you desire. –Soul to Soul

4) Don’t forget to do a physical cleanse of your new home before moving in

Our homes absorb energy, which relates to both pre-existing and new builds, and when you move, you want to start with a clean slate. Maintaining your home’s chi is essential, and space clearing is an ongoing process. 

Before you move in your belongings, do a deep clean and use Sage with a strong intention of clearing all past non-beneficial energy, finishing the process with a new home blessing. Clean your front door and the entryway thoroughly, sprinkling cinnamon around the entrance to welcome opportunities and abundance.

After the first couple of weeks of living in the space, you’ll want to do another deep clean. Your belongings will be bringing in new energy and the energy of your prior home. Repeat the same process of using Sage and clearing non-beneficial energy. Finish this process with burning rose petals while blessing each room in the house. Roses are one of the highest energy flowers and bring joy. Utilize the Bagua Map to create intentions specific to each room. –Feng Shui by Dee Oujiri

Create a positive environment in your new home using crystals

5) Ground and set the intention of the space with crystals

Beyond their natural beauty, crystals are used to also cleanse and rejuvenate a space.Whether you’re looking to cleanse your new home of negative energy, invite positive energy into the space, or as protection, here are crystal recommendations you can use to cleanse your new home.

  • Selenite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine

I highly recommend Selenite to keep the energy clear and positive. Black Tourmaline is an excellent choice for clearing a home of stagnant or negative energy. Finally, Rose Quartz is perfect for creating a loving, peaceful vibe in the home. Place the crystals around your living space or in your entryway. –Aurora Spirit

I always use crystals to cleanse and protect my home. I start with amethyst in my living room and beside my bed for protection and black tourmaline for the ultimate protection from negativity in all corners of my home. Black tourmaline is also an excellent EMF protection and grounding stone. Rose quartz ensures that love flows inside and around the home, while citrine is for abundance, prosperity, and joy. I use Selenite to cleanse the crystals and clear the energy of the home and black obsidian as a spiritual protector. –Crystal Therapy

Keep it simple and avoid “crystal chaos” by limiting the amount of competing vibrational frequencies by focusing on the most often used areas and entry points. Some of the most effective placements I have seen include a baseball-sized chunk of black tourmaline at your front door to transmute low vibe energy as guests enter your home, crystal gridding the property by placing black tourmaline (or hematite) in the four cardinal directions of the property (buried is best), and parallel grinding the inside of the home in clear quartz to ‘raise the vibes’. Add a few strategically placed Himalayan salt lamps (one in each room is best), and voila, you have managed to substantially change the vibrational frequency of your new home to that of cyclic clearing, grounding, and protection –Brandy Rachelle

Focus on the energy you are ready to call into your space and life. Citrine is the stone of positivity, luck, and prosperity and will help you cultivate these energies. Place citrine near your front door to welcome abundance and positive new opportunities into your life and home. –Moondaughter

Energetically cleanse your space through these rituals

6) Use a combination of essential oils and crystals

When moving into a new home or a rental property, cleansing the front door and vestibule or front hallway of any negative energy is simple and easy. Add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil in a small bowl filled with warm water, or use two peppermint tea bags to make a concoction. Then use this to wipe down the inside of the front door and the walls immediately around it. When wiping down, set your intention for your home. This should be done once a month, setting an intention for the coming month as you do so. Once completed, place a piece of tourmaline and hematite on a shelf, or in a natural bowl (not plastic) in the vestibule or front hallway. These crystals are for protection, grounding, balancing, and healing. –Life Spirit Balance

7) Smudge your new home to invite positive energy into the space

We can be positively or negatively affected by the energy of the home’s previous occupants. Feng Shui calls this Predecessor Chi. To set your new home up for success, clear the space by smudging with sage or palo santo, and allow the smoke to carry any negative past residue away. Then invite fresh, abundant, vital energy inside by wiping down your front door and hearth with warm water and the essential oil of orange for good luck. –Laura Vida

8) Shift the energy in your new home using a singing bowl 

Singing bowls and sound vibration do wonders for clearing and resetting the energy of old and new homes. Select a larger (and therefore deeper sounding) singing bowl, strike it three times and then run the striker around the rim to get it to sing. Once you’ve cleared the home with sound vibration, a copal cleanse is very ceremonial and protective. In the face of darker energies in a home, burn black copal on charcoal. For general clearing and protection, use white copal. Walk around the entire home as the resin burns and allow the fragrant smoke to fill all corners of your home. –Spirit Spot

9) Prepare your new home by cleansing the space with incense 

Cleanse your new home during the day when you have the most energy and can do so joyously. I prefer not to do it after 5 PM because our energies are most likely spent in the evening. Depending on what faith you follow, you want to burn incense. My personal favorites are sage, palo santo, frankincense, and myrrh. Light it well so that it smokes intensely and goes through every room and closet. As you enter each room, say a prayer. If your faith has blessed water, go through every room with holy water after the incense and throw any remaining holy water out the front door. You have just cleared any old energies, positive or negative, in the home from previous owners. Your house is protected and sealed in heavenly love, and you can start moving in your family and personal belongings. –Heaven Luck Feng Shui

10) Cleanse your new home with scent

I love using Florida water cologne. It smells fantastic and has been used in clearing rituals for many years. Using a spray bottle, any household one will do. Fill 1/4 with the Florida water and the rest with water. Moon water or tap water is fine. Mist the house, starting from the far end to the front of the house. End at the door. –Gina Strole

11) Usher new energy into the space using a smudging ritual

When moving into a new home, I recommend energy cleansing before moving everything into the house and before everything is in its rightful place. This ensures you can get to all the shadow spaces like the closets and cabinets. Begin by opening the doors and windows. Next, set an intention that you can say in your mind or out loud. You can even say it while walking through the home, like a mantra. Then, ring a bell to awaken any stagnant energy and move about your home starting in the lowest level of your space, working your way up. As you walk through your home clearing energy, imagine high vibrational light moving into your space, clearing out the old and making room for the new. When you’re done cleansing your new home, give gratitude for the healing and the fresh start. Bring in fresh flowers, light some candles, diffuse essential oils, play fun and happy music, or use other spiritual tools like Tibetan singing bowls to raise the vibration of the energy in your home even more. –Spirit & Sage

12) Use a Chi blessing to set the tone for a positive future in your new home

Moving into a new home is one of the most auspicious events in life because it means you are metaphysically upgrading your external body. Like any new relationship, one of the most important things you can do is set the tone for a positive future together with your new home by doing a simple chi, or energy, blessing ceremony. Such a ceremony conducted deliberately and with an intention helps initiate your relationship with your home, releases residual energies, and introduces your home to your energy and intentions. Notice how you feel after conducting the house chi blessing ceremony. You should feel a sense of relaxation and anticipation – remember, this is a new positive relationship that will support you in your life going forward. Some of the shifts that come from such a chi blessing may not be noticed immediately; that said, you should notice such shifts within the first nine days of living in your new home –Lynn Scheurell

13) Create a sense of flow in your home by opening up doors and windows

Attract the best energy to your new home in 2022 with these steps. Open all the windows and window coverings to bring in the maximum light and fresh air when you move in. Make sure you have a clear, clean path to your front door, inside and out. Add 10-20 lbs of metal in the southwest direction to reduce the negative chi and improve health. Place a water fountain in the southeast direction to attract new business and personal relationships and increase creativity. –Janice Sugita

14) Cleanse your new home using visualization energy healing techniques

Use your imagination to see, sense, or feel a soft violet flame hovering in the center of each room, gently burning away any energetic residue. Spend at least five minutes with the flame, then imagine the walls, ceiling, and floor being “painted” with iridescent, gold and/or silver light. Enhance this ritual with wind from a hand fan or feather, the cleansing smoke of cedar, lavender, or rosemary, the sound of a bell or singing bowl, and any of the sacred Reiki symbols if you’ve been initiated into Reiki Level 2 or above. –Prismatic Healing

Things to keep in mind as you cleanse your new home

15) Time your cleansing ritual correctly

The ideal time to do a house cleansing depends on the level of activity. However, a good rule of thumb is to make it a habit every three weeks. To invite positive energy, you can give your home a good scrub, cleanse your space with a smudging tool (palo santo, sage), use high-frequency sounds (singing bowl, crystal bowl, tingsha, or tuning forks), invite more colors, place selenite crystals around the home, or visualize white/indigo light surrounding your space. Set the intention to remove all energies that no longer serve the space and only invite positive energy aligned with uplifting and healing energies of love and light. When you feel lighter, refreshed, and uplifted, you’ll know that the space is cleansed. –Intuitive Detox

16) Pay attention to frequently used areas

My personal go-to’s for the areas that I spend the most time, like my office or bedroom, involves three steps. First, I’ll place small hematite or black tourmaline stones in the room’s corners to grid the area, essentially setting up a protective boundary for the space (other black stones have similar grounding properties and will also work). Second, cleanse the area by burning sage. And finally, keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the room to maintain the space on an ongoing basis. –Heal From Your Past

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