Boho Design: 16 Tips for a Bohemian Style Home

Updated on December 26th, 2023

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Welcome to the world of Bohemian-inspired home design, where creativity knows no bounds and a free-spirited aesthetic reigns supreme. Whether you’re seeking to transform your apartment in Rochester, NY  or add a touch of wanderlust to your suburban home in Orlando, FL, the Bohemian design can transport you to a world of balance, harmony, and unconventional beauty.

In this Redfin, we’ll explore expert tips and advice from professionals in the field to help you achieve the perfect Boho look for your home. Learn from professionals about self-expression, celebrate diverse cultures, and weave your own narrative into your home decor. Whether you’re a seasoned at heart or a newcomer to this design philosophy, these experts will guide you through the process of creating a space that exudes warmth, peace, and the allure of the unconventional.

living room interior with sofa, wicker, armchair, cactus,, and coffee table boho style

1. Boho style is all about balance

In Bohemian design, finding balance is key to creating a harmonious and visually pleasing space. While the style embraces eclecticism and the mixing of various elements, it’s important to strike a balance between contrasting elements to avoid overwhelming the senses.

“One common mistake people often make is forgetting that balance is crucial in Bohemian design,” says Josh Cemelich from ABT Modern. “The style’s essence lies in the artful blend of patterns, colors, and textures while maintaining a sense of harmony. An overabundance of elements without careful curation can result in visual clutter rather than a calming, inviting ambiance.”

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2. In Bohemian design, there are no rules

In Bohemian design, the beauty lies in its lack of rules and strict guidelines. It’s a style that encourages individuality, self-expression, and a free-spirited approach to decorating.

“I love the freedom that the Bohemian aesthetic offers. It gives me the liberty to mix different eras, such as Twentieth Century pieces, with organic elements like rattan or various woods. The intentional use of eclectic art and sculpture brings in a layer of personal expression that truly embodies the spirit of boho,” says Josh.

“My advice to those embracing a Bohemian-inspired home is to let your space tell your story. Let each piece of furniture, each artifact, each color, and texture echo your personal journey. Remember, in a Bohemian home, there are no rules—only a boundless canvas for your creativity.”

3. Bohemian design is a tapestry of art, culture, and unconventional beauty

Boho design embraces diverse influences from around the world, blending elements of different cultures, eras, and artistic styles.

“Having a Bohemian-designed home is all about celebrating art, beauty, and bold unconventional choices of colors, textures, and patterns that all unexpectedly harmonize together in a delicious collection from all over the world,” shares Studio Mishou

“Imagine lush rugs, gallery walls of paintings, light fixtures that resemble interesting giant jewelry pieces, fantastic pillows in all kinds of indulgent fabrics, an abundance of color, and art objects that initiate conversations. Basically, a Boho home is like that eccentric aunt who wears fabulous silk caftans, has traveled the world, and hosts the best cocktail parties with people from all walks of life.”

Studio Mishou Bohemian style home

Courtesy of Studio Mishou

4. Incorporate natural elements into your Bohemian inspired home 

Utilizing natural elements is a fundamental aspect of Bohemian design, adding an organic and grounding touch to the overall aesthetic. The Bohemian style embraces the beauty of the natural world, bringing in elements such as plants, natural fibers, and raw materials. 

“Use natural, sustainable elements such as wicker, rattan, wood, metal, and bamboo, all of which are beautiful and can be utilized in various ways to create an eclectic and grounding ambiance,” recommends Rooms Refreshed.

“Plants are particularly inspiring for creating a Bohemian atmosphere as they bring the essence of the outdoors inside. With a wide range of indoor plant varieties available, mix and match them to create your own living, colorful artwork.”

Rooms Refreshed boho reading nook

Courtesy of Rooms Refreshed

5. Add vibrant, colorful expressions for an artistic flair

Bohemian style celebrates the bold and the unexpected, encouraging the use of vibrant hues and expressive palettes throughout the space.

“As an artist who lives and breathes the boho look, I use vibrant color combinations abundantly to create the desired aesthetic. My favorite colors include orange, pink, yellow, bright purple, lime green, and a profusion of teal,” suggests Teresa Stone, Known as the Gypsy Gardener, from The Bazaar On Apricot & Lime.

“My Bohemian home serves as a direct reflection of my artistic expression. My art predominantly revolves around abstract floral themes, and I extend my creative palette beyond canvas by painting on various furniture pieces sourced from thrift stores or stumbled upon curbside..”

Gypsy Gardener Bohemian painted chair

Courtesy of Gypsy Gardener

6. Create a look that reflects your personal style

Boho design encourages you to embrace your individuality, allowing your space to become a canvas for self-expression.

“Bohoemian style is about creating spaces that reflect personal tastes and experiences, rather than adhering to specific design rules or trends,” says Luonto Furniture. “ It’s about creating spaces that are not just visually appealing, but also comfortable, inviting, and full of character.”

LUONTO Bohemian Dolphin sofa

Courtesy of Luonto Furniture

7. Create a narrative by weaving travel memories into your decor 

Capture the spirit of your adventures by incorporating travel-inspired elements throughout your home. Displaying souvenirs, such as maps, globes, or postcards from your journeys, adds a personal touch and sparks conversations about your experiences.

“Travel is a big focus for me and my family. Sometimes it is to an exotic location like Nepal, and other times it is a Sunday drive to the foothills for a hike. Of course, we have photo albums to record the trips, but I like to keep those memories more present by weaving a lot of our travel finds throughout our house, on bookcases and side tables,” shares Cydney Davis-English, Owner and Design Lead for The English Garden.

“We try to avoid tourist stop posters and shot glasses and instead seek out local artists. Making a purchase from a local artist or shop owner doesn’t have to be expensive, and it helps keep those businesses vibrant. Whether it’s a piece of pottery, a small drawing, or even something functional like a candle or kitchen item, these items can help us relive our trips.”

Basket Angle Foyer Table_English Gardener

Courtesy of Cydney Davis-English

8. Add floral accents 

Embracing the presence of flowers and botanical elements brings life, color, and a sense of serenity to your space.

“Make a living, organic element one of your decorating layers,” says Cydney, a third-generation flower shop owner. “With Bohemian styling, it’s easy for things to appear busy and cluttered. By focusing your flowers on one bold shot of colo, you can add a vibrant touch without overwhelming the visual space. Additionally, keep the plant elements simple by displaying them in unpatterned terra cotta pots or colorful ceramics.”

9. Break up your Boho-chic space into zones

“Just as if you were planning a boho-chic wedding, break up your space into zones that will serve specific functions while fitting the desired theme,” suggests Walt Shepard from Inside Weddings

For example, create a cozy reading nook with layers of textured pillows, bold-toned blankets, and candlelight emitted from lantern-inspired votives; adorn the dining area with woven place mats, place settings featuring mismatched china in various colors and prints, and organic centerpieces surrounded by bud vases; or curate a bohemian-inspired lounge with a rich velvet or leather sofa, statement vintage chairs, and cozy, soft accents for an eclectic look.”

Breaking up your Boho-chic space into zones is a practical and stylish way to optimize the functionality and flow of your home. By defining specific areas within your space, you can create distinct zones for different activities, while maintaining the overall bohemian aesthetic.

10. Expand your Bohemian space outdoors 

Transforming your outdoor area into a bohemian oasis extends your living space and creates an enchanting retreat.

“I believe in embracing the Bohemian design philosophy not only indoors but also in outdoor spaces,” says says Rafael Montilla from Art Miami Magazine. “By utilizing cozy seating areas, layered textiles, and organic materials, you can create a seamless transition between inside and outside, allowing for a holistic boho experience.”

A stylish living room interior with brown and yellow coloured furniture and wooden elements with dark green coloured wall. Decorated with plants and butterfly specimen

11. Add texture in every room

“Introduce various textures to add depth and visual interest to your space,” suggests Bohemian Hive. “Combine smooth surfaces like glass or metal with textured materials like velvet, fur, or woven fabrics. Textures can be incorporated through rugs, cushions, curtains, or even wall treatments like textured paint or wallpaper.

Another way to do this is by mixing and matching furniture, old, and new decor. Incorporating unique vintage or thrifted pieces adds character to your eclectic design. Explore flea markets, second hand stores, or online platforms to find one-of-a-kind items that can become conversation starters in your space.”

By incorporating various textures, you can enhance the cozy, eclectic, and inviting nature of Bohemian style.

12. Incorporate live plants whenever possible

 “Plants are a great, low-cost way to add energy and color to your space, and they really enhance the modern boho aesthetic,” shares Homescaped. Bohemian design is heavy in texture and can be a mix of furniture pieces from different styles to create an eclectic, collected over time look. Think macrame planters and that vintage coffee table you saw at the flea market last weekend, combined with a modern sofa and colorful, vibrant throw pillows. Avoid making everything too matchy-matchy.”

Plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also contribute to a healthier and more rejuvenating environment.

Bohemian style dining room

Courtesy of Homescaped

13. Use Rainbow prisms to add a magical touch to your space

“Rainbow prisms are one of the most inexpensive, renter-friendly, and easy-level DIY ways to enhance your space,” suggests Amelia Dean, Owner of Bohemian Reves. “Using either a suncatcher window sticker or a faceted crystal hung from clear fishing wire, you can place them in a southwest or northeast window or attach them to the ceiling. 

Placing these prisms in hallways and small areas can have a significant impact, and using both methods together can create captivating dimensions. For bolder prisms, use round crystals as they keep the energy flowing. For softer prisms, stick to flatter chandelier shapes.”

Bohemian rainbow prism

Courtesy of Bohemian Reves

14. Dry-lay tiles on window sills and room borders

“Renting? Not a problem. I have a small obsession with dry-laying tiles without adhering them to transform window sills and room borders,” says Amelia. “Often, after living with and testing tiles in a space, I’ll either find it validates my decision in the spot I choose or that it could have a more suitable home. Perhaps they are more delicate than you thought or they clash with something else that has changed along the way. 

This has saved me countless times. Be sure to keep a flat, solid substrate in mind and only place them in areas that will not be walked on to avoid breaking or damaging the tile. Look for sale tiles or tiles that have less than 1000 square feet left. It’s an amazing way to save money and keep your home diverse and stimulating. Don’t toss your tile samples, they’re often the perfect size for windowsills.”

Boho design dry lay tile

Courtesy of Bohemian Reves

15. Embrace mismatched furniture

Rather than aiming for perfectly coordinated sets, embrace the beauty of individuality and mix different styles, eras, and finishes.

“The days of matchy-matchy furniture sets are long gone,” shares KB Design. “Especially if trying to achieve the boho look. The more eclectic, the better. If you currently have a more traditional couch set, and trying to upfit on a smaller budget, create the eclectic feel by sourcing a funky coffee table, lamps, playful pillows and low-sitting accent chair. Mirrors, taper candles, books from your travels, and anything else special that speaks personally to you.”  


Courtesy of KB Design

16. Invest in Bohemian craftsmanship

Seek out unique, handcrafted pieces that showcase the skill and artistry of local artisans. Look for furniture, textiles, ceramics, and decorative items that are made with traditional techniques and showcase intricate details.

Enhance your free-spirited Bohemian Lifestyle by showcasing exquisite solid wood creations in your home,” says Bohemian Works. “Add authentic wood accents that embody organic forms, blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. From flooring to kitchen doors, create a harmonious living space that celebrates the essence of Bohemian design.”

Solid crafted wood Boho style

Courtesy of Bohemian Works

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