Laundry Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Updated on August 19th, 2022

Laundry is something that many of us do at least once a week. It’s a simple task of adding clothes to the machine, pouring detergent, and pressing the button. Not much can be done incorrectly, right? Wrong. Eventually, the tough stains and stinky odors that our clothes develop over time are irreversible. Or so we thought.

If your just-washed clothes or towels are less than perfect and you can’t seem to shake the stains and odors, you’re not alone. We turned to the experts, from Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL for advice. With these laundry tips and tricks, you can remove stains, tackle the toughest laundry tasks, all while having an organized laundry room and get the best result possible.

Blue plastic laundry bin with dirty clothes

Baking soda and vinegar are powerful odor-fighters

Adding a small amount to your laundry can help eliminate stubborn odor. Use half a cup of either vinegar or baking soda in each load of laundry to cut odors in your clothing and prevent them from building up in your washer. – Fresh & Clean Laundry

Adding a cup of baking soda or white distilled vinegar to the washer at the start of the cycle will help neutralize odor and will also enable the detergent to work efficiently. – Thumbs Up Coin Laundry

First, ask yourself: What caused the smell?

One of the best laundry tips and tricks for removing tough odors from clothing or household items is to begin the process of knowing the nature or origin of the odor. Is it from natural oil, mildew, or food-based odor? The best results come from using the right method, and that begins with understanding how those strong odors began. – Oak Hill Dry Cleaners

Speed matters when fighting stained laundry

The longer you wait to treat the stain the more set-in it will become. Spot recommends that you get your stain treated as quickly as possible. The mode of treatment will largely depend on the type of stain, but we recommend that you keep Dawn dish soap and OxiClean in your cabinet at all times. These two items will treat the majority of stains. Also remember that bleach will set bloodstains in place, so pretreating is essential. – Spot Laundromats

Treat your clothes before washing and keep it simple

The chemical makeup of additives to laundry is more important on the mission to cleanliness than water temperature. The amount of time these items are soaking also has a huge effect. If your goal is to remove odors from your laundry, treating them before the wash by soaking items in vinegar for 20-30 minutes works best for laundry. Keeping it simple often works better because adding too many products to the soak or wash may cause the chemicals to work against one another. – Tornado Laundromat

Keeping an organized laundry room is an important laundry tip and trick

Consider dropping off your stinky clothes at a laundromat

The best way to remove odors from clothing is to find a laundry service like a laundromat or laundry pick-up and delivery service that offers o-zone cleaning. The commercial o-zone systems work miracles on bad odors and leave your clothes smelling fresher than new. – Laundromat Resource

Make use of laundry bags and storage bins for laundry organization

For laundry room organization, purchase large, flexible laundry bags that will help you save on storage space. Invest in bamboo or recycled wood storage containers and use an old mailbox as a lint holder. Create a designated space for folding clothes so that you can do the majority of it in the laundry room. Subscribe to an eco-friendly laundry detergent service to save space, also, they are kinder both on the skin and on your clothes – 1 Stop Wash Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Don’t give odors a chance to settle in your clothes

Use fabric fresheners (i.e. Febreze) at the initial onset of the odor presenting itself to help ensure that you’re keeping your clothes smelling fresh. If you feel like you’re past the point of return, then visit your local dry cleaners to have the garment treated and dry cleaned to remove odors, set-in stains, etc. – Hamper

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