The 10 Most Popular U.S. Pride Parades, According to Google Trends

Updated on April 17th, 2023

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most popular U.S. pride parades

June is national LGBT pride month! To celebrate, Redfin put together a ranking of the most popular pride parades in the United States, based on web search data from Google Trends. So book a hotel, grab a handful of rainbow confetti, and get ready to march through the ranking of the 10 U.S. cities with the most popular pride parades!

1.  San Francisco, CA | SF Pride

San Francisco Pride Parade
Photo Credit: Wikipedia
  • When Is the Pride Parade in San Francisco? Sunday, June 26, 2016
  • 2016 Parade Theme: For Racial And Economic Justice
  • Official Pride Parade Website:

“Last year a record number of folks from all across the world united in San Francisco to celebrate pride,” said Redfin agent Mia Simon. “The energy throughout the city was unreal! A sense of unity and celebration radiated off everyone along the route. This month, Redfin real estate agents and engineers from our San Francisco office, as well as employees from other tech companies around the city, will be out taking part in everything San Francisco Pride has to offer.”

2.  Chicago, IL | Chicago Pride

Chicago pride parade
Photo Credit: Anthony Meade

“The Chicago Pride Parade is tons of fun,” said Redfin agent Catherine Boyle. “It has been running strong since 1972 and it’s evolved into an all-weekend festival with over 800,000 attendees. The parade now runs down Broadway, jogs over to Halsted, and runs between Irving and Diversey. Remember too that there are lots of great bars and restaurants on and around Broadway between Diversey and Irving Park. Some of my favorites include Revolucion, Wilde Bar and Restaurant, and the vegan Kitchen 17. Or, if you’re looking for a great brunch, try Ann Sather on Belmont or The Kit Kat Lounge on Halsted. For the actual parade, if you want a good view, get there early – usually the crowd watching is 10 to 15 people deep. But it’s definitely worth it! And for events and more info, go to:”

3.  Seattle, WA | Seattle Pride

Catch Redfin at the 2016 Seattle pride parade this June!

“I have been a proud citizen in the city of Seattle for 14 years strong now,” said a Redfin agent in Seattle. ” I have traveled quite a bit and find Seattle to be one of the most open and accepting cities to be a part of.  Every year Seattle prides itself on being more diverse and accepting, which I love witnessing and being involved in.  Last year I walked with Redfin and recall the joy and excitement around representing the Real Estate community.  I can’t imagine a better city or company to be associated with and show off my pride!”

4.  New York, NY | NYC Pride

NYC pride parade
Photo Credit:

“I think pride might be more vibrant in NYC than in other cities because of our immense diversity and acceptance of all individuals,” said Redfin agent Jonathan Makolondra. “New York truly is the land of opportunity in that here, you can become or be whomever you want. The LGBT community has flourished here and attracted folks with ambition, drive and energy, creating a tangible spirit felt throughout the city during pride month.”

5.  Minneapolis, MN | Twin City Pride

Minneapolis pride parade
Photo Credit: Sue Vruno

“The Pride Parade is definitely a big deal in the Twin Cities,” said Redfin agent James Garry. “It runs in Minneapolis on Sunday morning, but expect packed bars, full hotels and surge pricing on Ubers all weekend. One of the nice things is that once you get downtown, the parade takes place in a very concentrated area along Hennepin Avenue, so hitting up the bars and restaurants nearby can be done easily on foot or bicycle.”

6.  San Diego, CA | San Diego Pride

San Diego pride parade
Photo Credit: LGBTQ Nation
  • When Is the Pride March in San Diego? Saturday, July 16, 2016
  • 2016 Pride March Theme: Pride Unites The World
  • Official Pride Parade Website:

“There is nothing like Pride weekend in San Diego,” said Redfin agent Lisa Manuccia. “I actually live right next to the parade route and LOVE it! A sea of rainbow takes over the streets as thousands of San Diegans march in solidarity. Our community overflows with pride and acceptance. From the U.S. Armed Forces to local theatre groups, everyone is out having a great time.”

7.  Boston, MA | Boston Pride

Boston pride parade
Photo Credit: Olga Khvan
  • When Is the Pride Parade in Boston? Saturday,  June 11, 2016
  • 2016 Pride March Theme: Solidarity Through Pride
  • Official Pride Parade Website:

“I am not shocked at all that Boston made this list,” said Redfin agent David Pollack. “We are a proud group of people! Downtown radiates with the smiles, laughter, and cheer from fellow Bostonians (plus the folks who fly in for the fun) throughout all of pride weekend. Also, with so many great companies in the city, the streets are filled with thousands of proud employees volunteering their time to bring joy to others and show support.”

8.  Washington, D.C. | Capital Pride



“The Capital Pride Festival is held in the shadow of the Capitol, where DC LBGT activists have fought for political progress for generations, while the Pride Parade winds through the historically gay Dupont and Logan Circle neighborhoods,” said Redfin agent Dan Galloway. “People come from all over the country and world to see our parade, and most out-of-towners will fight the crowds to watch around the Circle itself. Those in the know, however, will choose a vantage point along the 17th St commercial corridor. This is the true heart of gay Dupont and offers many spots to duck in to enjoy a reprieve from the festivities and D.C.’s summer heat.”

9.  Houston, TX | Houston Pride

Houston pride parade
Photo Credit: KTRK/David Mackey

“Over the past few years, Houston’s Pride Parade has surged in popularity to become a summer favorite,” said Redfin agent Irma Jalifi. “So much so that festival organizers moved the parade Downtown from its historic home in the Neartown-Montrose neighborhood so that they could have enough space for the more than 700,000 attendees. Not only is Houston’s Pride Parade a huge event, and the second-largest parade in town, but it is unique from most other Pride Parades in that it takes place at night. If you’ve ever been in Houston on a hot summer day, you can understand why locals prefer after-hours festivities.”

10.  Portland, OR | Pride NW

Photo Credit: Jill Brady
  • When Is the Pride Parade in Portland? Sunday June 19, 2016
  • 2016 Pride March Theme: Pride Begins With You
  • Official Pride Parade Website:

“Summer weather starts late in Portland and we usually don’t get consistently nice weather here till July. So Pride, is kind of our unofficial kickoff to summer,” said Redfin agent Alexandra Stolz. “Rain or shine, the Portland LGBT community really gets out and about for Pride. There are parades, queer arthouse film screenings, comedy shows, art exhibits, and of course….parties. Party hopping between daytime alleyway parties, themed DJ nights, and after-hours dance parties that go till dawn is pretty common. Portland has grown and changed a lot in the last decade, but our close knit queer community has stayed pretty unpretentious and weird throughout it all. Pride is really like a big gay family reunion for everyone!”

? Are you attending any pride parades this year? Let us know where! Also, if you’re in Seattle, WA and Nashville, TN for Pride, snap a pic of us and tweet it with #RedfinPride. YAY PRIDE!!

*Methodology: On June 3, 2016, Redfin pulled data from Google Trends on web searches for “pride parade” in the United States in 2015. The parades that made the list had the most searches and were the largest in the metro area.

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