6 New Mexico Style Homes: From Authentic Adobes to Earthy Ranch Homes


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Known as the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico is an iconic Southwestern state offering one-of-a-kind landscapes, history, and food scene. From the vibrant city of Albuquerque to historic Santa Fe, New Mexico has a diverse range of attractions for anyone moving to the state. If you’re considering buying a home in New Mexico, you’ll also find that the state is home to plenty of unique home styles, sure to evoke that Southwestern feeling.

At Redfin, we’ve compiled a list of 6 New Mexico style homes you’re likely to find, whether you’re looking to buy a home in Albuquerque or a vacation home in Taos. Let’s explore some quintessential New Mexico home styles.

pueblo revival style home in new mexico

1) Pueblo Revival

Pueblo Revival homes are inspired by the traditional adobe homes of the Pueblo people. They typically have flat or sloping roofs with rounded edges and thick walls made of adobe or stucco that mimics the adobe look. These homes often have interior courtyards or patios, and large wooden beams supporting the roof. Interiors often have fireplaces, tile, with earth-toned finishes that reflect the Southwest’s natural landscape.

“Pueblo style architecture is synonymous with New Mexico,” says Ed Fitzgerald AIA. “With the opening of the Santa Fe Trail and sawmills in the 1800’s, wood trim, doors and windows were applied to adobe structures, creating the Territorial style. This style infused the simple minimalist walls of the Pueblo style with Greek Revival ornament through the application of window and door pediments, brick cornice trim, articulated columns, railings, and porches.”

The Pueblo Revival style is becoming increasingly popular across the state and into nearby regions. Mike Welton of Architects and Artisans comments on this resurgence, “Ancient adobe homes and churches, some crumbling and some still well-maintained, dot the lush landscape by the Los Pinos River in the San Juan Mountains. The Pueblo style is now seeing a revival across the West, particularly in the work of Santa Barbara-based Banyan Architects.”

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2) Adobe

Adobe houses are an integral part of New Mexico’s history with their compressed dried mud brick exteriors, a sustainable home style to withstand the hot Southwestern weather. These traditional New Mexico style houses have thick walls, flat roofs with rounded edges, and earthy brownish-red color. You’ll also find outdoor spaces or rooftop gardens. The interior often has exposed wooden-beams, fireplaces, and tile or concrete floors to keep the inside cool.

“New Mexico architecture pays homage to its unique, rich cultural history by integrating classic adobe brick building styles with Spanish and Native American-influenced architectural styles. The cultural history is respected and upheld within the architecture of the state and may be seen in some of the oldest neighborhoods, often originating in the early 1700s, where adobe brick, kiva fireplaces, and natural plasters are preserved,” comments Michael and Madeline Sexton of Sexton Fix | Design | Build.

3) Contemporary

Contemporary homes are a popular – and unique – option for those seeking modern living in New Mexico. These homes feature sleek, simple lines and a minimalist aesthetic, focusing on open and spacious environments. Homes maximize natural light with large windows and glass doors, while unique materials like adobe and metal add character. Expect to see bold and dynamic color schemes that celebrate the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

With contemporary style homes in the state, Holly Arroyo of Habitation Inc. states, “New Mexico architecture is very flexible. It can be very contemporary, but can also easily carry that 100-year-old charm depending on the homeowners’ desire. Adobe constructed homes have increased R values making them more energy efficient and providing less noise transmission between rooms. Thicker walls sometimes more than a foot thick allow for deep window sills which provide unique architectural interest throughout the home. Soft corners, warm wood ceilings, and substantially thicker walls give homes a unique and timeless aesthetic.”

A contemporary New Mexico style home may be the right fit for you, whether you’re looking for a desert oasis or a modern mountain retreat.

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4) Craftsman

Craftsman homes have a distinct Southwestern charm, with warm colors and natural materials like wood and stone. You may find front porches, exposed beams, and built-in cabinetry for added character and functionality. New Mexico’s craftsman homes tend to have open floor plans and ample natural light. These open spaces make them perfect for entertaining and enjoying the beautiful desert views.

5) Hacienda or Southwest

Hacienda, or Southwest, style homes have stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and interior courtyards. In essence, they’re quite similar to Pueblo Revival and adobe styles. Earthy materials like adobe, wood, and stone, as well as warm colors, highlight the Southwestern charm of these homes. Many Hacienda or Southwest style homes feature decorative elements such as arched doorways, wooden ceiling beams, and wrought-iron accents. The focus on outdoor living spaces, such as patios and porches, allow you to enjoy the warm New Mexico weather.

“New Mexican architecture is based in a long tradition of natural materials and connection to climate,” states Henry Architects’ Alix W. Henry. “Designs benefit from the ample sunlight for natural daylighting and passive heating strategies. The resulting architecture connects to the beautiful natural landscape of the American Southwest.”

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6) Ranch

Ranch homes in New Mexico are characterized by their traditional adobe architecture with flat roofs, earthy colors, and decorative features such as wooden beams and stucco finishes. They often have spacious open floor plans that blend indoor and outdoor living. Therefore, you may also find courtyards and porches for outdoor relaxation. The interiors feature natural materials such as wood and stone. Additionally, homes may also include kiva fireplaces and other Southwestern design elements.

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