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Art Attack!

A man’s home is his castle, but Palo Alto homeowners do have limitations on what they can put in front of their “castles.” Residents can’t park RVs in the driveway. They can’t have too many weeds that “bear seeds of a downy or wingy nature.” (PAMC Section 8.08.010) And they can’t leave “garbage strewn around” …

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Eichler 101

Eichler homes are one of those things that you either love or hate. They tend to look somewhat similar from the outside, and can be difficult to add on to or to remodel, and there are elements of the 1950s, such as wood paneling, exposed wood ceilings, which many people are not fond of. But …

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Sweet Digs: American Craftsman

Recent posts on Sweet Digs Seattle: Peggy Loves Ballard South Seattle: Pushing Tin for $20K Less In the early 1900s a reaction to Victorian opulence and mass-produced furniture, the Craftsman style house “incorporated clean lines, sturdy structure, and natural materials”. Furniture maker Gustav Stickley published a magazine called The Craftsman, which featured original house and …

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