What is Oklahoma City, OK Known For? 11 Things to Love About This City

Updated on March 26th, 2024

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Welcome to Oklahoma City, OK, a city with a rich history, friendly atmosphere, and a growing cultural scene. From the iconic Oklahoma City National Memorial to the vibrant Bricktown district, Oklahoma City offers residents a unique blend of opportunities and experiences. Whether you’re searching for a new home in Oklahoma City or eager to explore what Oklahoma City is known for, this Redfin article is your guide to uncovering the distinctive qualities that make Oklahoma City a dynamic and welcoming community.

1. Capital City of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is the capital city of the state of Oklahoma. As the political and cultural hub of the state, it is home to various government buildings, historical landmarks, and a diverse population.

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2. Cultural and arts scene

Oklahoma City has a vibrant cultural and arts scene, featuring museums, galleries, theaters, and performance spaces. The city’s artistic community contributes to its diverse and dynamic cultural landscape, offering a range of creative experiences for residents and visitors.

Local photographer Paige Rains Photography recommends exploring The First Americans Museum for a “touching dose of history.” Additionally, Rains suggests the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center or the Oklahoma Museum of Art “to see the amazing creativity of our local artists.”

Laura Phillips-Shinn, partner for Elemental Coffee Roasters, shares how their shop embodies the artistic characteristics of Oklahoma City. She shares how the shop has an “exterior mural painted by local artists Jasmine Jones and Kelley Queen,” and the in-shop gallery walls showcase the work of local artists. Additionally, Phillips-Shinn recommends a trip to Factory Obscura for “an immersive exploration of the emotions experienced when sharing music.”

3. Bricktown Entertainment District

The Bricktown Entertainment District is a vibrant area filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment venues. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

4. Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City is known for the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which honors the victims, survivors, and rescuers of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. The memorial serves as a place of reflection, education, and remembrance.

5. Myriad Botanical Gardens

The city is home to the Myriad Botanical Gardens, a lush urban park featuring a variety of plant species, water features, and outdoor activities. It is a serene oasis in the heart of the city, offering a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

Local photographer Charis Kauffman for Charis Elisabeth Photography shares how the gardens are one of her favorite places in the city, and how there is always something to do there among the “lush green lawns, ponds, fountains, play areas, and seasonal flowers.” Kauffman adds that the Crystal Bridges greenhouse “is a delightful way to get some ‘outdoor’ plant time during the winter months.”

6. Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a popular attraction in Oklahoma City that houses a diverse collection of animals from around the world. The zoo is committed to conservation, education, and providing a fun and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

7. Chesapeake Energy Arena

Oklahoma City is known for the Chesapeake Energy Arena, a premier sports and entertainment venue that hosts concerts, sporting events, and other live performances. It is a focal point for entertainment in the city, drawing in crowds for various events throughout the year.

8. Dynamic sports landscape

Oklahoma City boasts a vibrant sports scene anchored by professional teams like the Thunder in the NBA. Beyond the pro level, the city fosters a robust community sports culture, offering diverse activities, from youth leagues to recreational events.

Among the sports activities to partake in, David Ribaudo, with the City of Thunder Fencing Club, shares how “Oklahoma City is known for having the best fencing in the United States.” He adds how, among fencing classes for all ages, you can even partake in added fun, such as LightSaber nights.

9. Cowboy Culture in Stockyards City

The cowboy culture in Stockyards City is a historic district that celebrates the city’s Western heritage. Visitors can experience cowboy culture through western wear shops, cowboy cuisine, and live cattle auctions, embracing the city’s rich cowboy history.

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10. Boathouse District and Riversport Adventures

Oklahoma City is known for the Boathouse District and Riversport Adventures, an outdoor recreational area offering water sports, adventure activities, and fun. It is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts and provides a unique experience for those seeking adventure in the city.

11. Scissortail Park

Scissortail Park is a sprawling urban park that offers green spaces, walking trails, outdoor concerts, and community events. It serves as a gathering place for the community, promoting health, wellness, and outdoor recreation in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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