10 Ways To Give Your House a Facelift Before Selling

Updated on November 6th, 2021

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First impressions are everything. So when it comes to selling your home, even the smallest details are important. While little things such as paint chips or mismatched hardware seem like minor cosmetic changes you may not have to worry about, not taking care of them could make your home less attractive to potential homebuyers. Updating your home with a fresh coat of paint or changing out fixtures can give your home that much needed facelift to set it apart from the competition. To help you get started, we compiled a list of 10 easy ways to give your house a facelift to help it sell faster.

A beautiful white house

1) Bring new life into a room with a fresh coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a simple solution that can make a room look and feel brand new. As you prepare your home to sell, start by identifying rooms that have paint peelings, scuff marks, or bold colors that clash. Then, go with a neutral color scheme that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Light and airy tones such as white, grey, and beige can make a room feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming.

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2) Install crown molding for an elegant look

For an added touch of sophistication, installing crown molding can make your home look clean, timeless, and more valuable. Crown molding can both hide irregularities in the foundation of your home and also make ceilings look higher. Typically, crown molding is installed where the ceiling meets the wall, however, you can also add it above entryways, fireplace mantels, and bookshelves to create a vintage feel throughout your home.

3) Give your house a facelift by updating your ceiling fan and light fixtures

Replace those outdated ceiling fans and lights with chic, modern, and eco-friendly fixtures. Newer ceiling fans can help lower energy costs, provide additional cooling during the summer months, and can instantly update the look and feel of a space. A replacement can cost anywhere from $150 – $400. In addition to ceiling fans, there are also many different light fixtures that can help decrease energy consumption and change the ambiance of a room to help spotlight the home’s best features. Brighter lights, especially during twilight showings, can make the home feel lively and welcome. 

Pro Tip: Many times homeowners can overlook even simple things when listing their houses such as missing cover plates on outlets and switches, dirty furnace filters, burned-out light bulbs, and loose or broken doorknobs.  Replacing these inexpensive and relatively easy repairs can really cut down on the number of deficiencies in your home inspection report. – Card Inspection Services

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4) Stain your floor to enhance its appearance

Instead of replacing your hardwood floors, refinishing them with a stain can cost less money and create a premium look. A floor stain and sealant creates a protective topcoat to prevent scratches and it also increases safety by reducing potential splintering. If applied correctly, floor stains can accentuate natural wood features and can even copy the look of different wood types.

5) Add a backsplash to highlight your kitchen

Replacing the tiles of your kitchen backsplash is a cosmetic change that can pull together the design of your kitchen and give your house the much-needed facelift it deserves. There are a variety of backsplash options available, from subway tiles to marble. If you feel daring, choose a hexagonal or diamond tile to create a geometric pattern and make your kitchen stand out.

6) Modernize your kitchen cabinets 

New kitchens may be one of the most valued home features by homebuyers, but that doesn’t mean you need to fully remodel your kitchen to get that updated feel. Toss any dated hardware and replace it with newer alternatives. Hardware fixtures can add details to your kitchen and compliment the style of your cabinets. It is important to make sure that the size of your hardware matches your cabinets to avoid any imbalance in design. If you find that your cabinet colors don’t match the floors or countertops, an easy cosmetic change that will give your house a facelift is to simply paint them. This not only saves you money, because paint is cheaper than buying all new cabinets, but it can be done quicker so you can focus on the rest of your home.

7) Update your bathroom to create a spa oasis

There are many bathroom cosmetic changes that won’t cost a fortune but will make a huge difference to potential buyers. If your vanity is outdated, consider swapping out the countertop for a simple laminate or granite slab and painting the cabinets to match the tile. A larger, updated mirror with built-in lights can also go a long way to making the space feel more spacious and brighter. Lastly, simple shower renovations such as replacing your showerheads and handles can make your bathroom feel like an oasis homebuyers want. 

A large green kitchen

8) Clean up the patio to be a place you’ll never want to leave

If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun like Phoenix, AZ, or Calgary, AB, having an attractive patio where potential buyers can see themselves lounging around on a nice summer day can be a huge selling point for your house. There are many simple ways to make your patio a backyard oasis they will never want to leave. Start by power washing your patio to remove any dirt or weeds. Once clean, polish up the space with string lights across the roof and surrounding trees, add potted plants and patio furniture, and then to bring it all together put down a stylish rug to make your patio feel inviting. 

9) Give your backyard a makeover

Backyards can be an appealing home feature, especially for families with kids or a dog. Updating your landscape is a simple cosmetic change that can increase the curb appeal of your home. Make sure to prune and trim any overgrown trees and bushes, mulch the flower beds, mow the lawn, and if you’re selling during the springtime, add a pop of color with flowers such as pansies, daffodils, and primrose. There are also many simple backyard additions to create outdoor living areas within your yard like setting up a hammock between trees or creating a fire pit area.

10) Deodorize your home and add some scents 

One of the first things buyers may notice when they walk through your home is what your home smells like. You may have a dog or cat or even a collection of old books you like to keep on display. Nonetheless, every home has a specific smell you might not notice anymore, so it’s important to deodorize your home to get rid of any lingering odors. Start by identifying the cause of the smell. This is usually found in carpets or bathroom floors. Then sprinkle baking soda on the surrounding area and furniture. This will neutralize the smell. You’ll want to also remove any conflicting smells by removing pet litter boxes, throwing away expired food in the fridge, and leaving your bathroom window open for ventilation. Once clean, you can use air fresheners, candles, and diffusers to make your home smell amazing to anyone who walks in the front door. 

Other considerations when fixing your home to sell

Visually check your plumbing

Homeowners can visually check general plumbing in the kitchen (Take all the supplies out from under all sinks), bathrooms, laundry areas, rooms that share walls with these spaces to look for signs of leaks, water stains, water damage, and the smell of musty odors commonly related to mold. – Green Home Solutions

Don’t forget the attic

If the house has a crawlspace, then a complete inspection of the crawlspace to look for moisture issues and damage is strongly recommended.  If the house has a slab foundation filling all cracks in the foundation with crack filler is recommended – S&J Home Inspections

Practice electrical safety

One of the biggest concerns homebuyer’s have is the state of a home’s electrical system and whether or not it is a safety concern.  Having a home inspector or licensed electrician inspect your home’s electrical panel and diagnose issues such as double taps, wrong breaker types, and oversized breakers will let you know where your system stands and could be cheaper to fix than you think.  Even investing in replacing an older breaker panel with a brand new one may not be as expensive as you think and can be used as a selling point when you list your home. – Home Inspection Geeks

Make sure to test for radon

Test for radon. The purchaser’s home inspector will.  Getting in front of this potential issue will help the deal close. – CSL Radon Mitigation

Clean your air conditioning unit

Any home with an air conditioning unit can experience a build-up of debris in the condensation drain line. When this happens, the condensation can back up and overflow, which can cause serious damage.  To eliminate this issue, simply pour a quarter-cup of regular household vinegar into the drain line every couple of months during the summertime.  This is an easy solution to head off what could be a complex and expensive problem! – House Check


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