11 Virginia Style Homes: From Famous Federal Homes to Grand Georgians

Updated on June 15th, 2023

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One of the many historic states, Virginia has a rich history mixed with vibrant cities and gorgeous natural landscapes. From cities like Richmond and Alexandria to coastal towns like Virginia Beach, there are plenty of areas to look at if you’re considering moving to or buying a home in Virginia. From iconic Federal-style homes to Queen Anne and Georgian-style houses, there are lots of Virginia-style homes to choose from.

To help you find a starting point, we at Redfin have put together a list of 11 Virginia home styles you’re likely to find, whether you’re looking to buy a home in Virginia Beach or in Woodbridge. Let’s jump in and see some of the best Virginia-style homes.

american foursquare style home in virginia

1) American Foursquare

Commonly found in Virginia and other parts of the East Coast, American Foursquare homes were most popular from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. These homes are defined by their square or rectangular shape with a hipped roof and wide front porch. American Foursquare houses often have a simple, functional layout with a central hallway and rooms arranged around it, as well as classic finishes like built-in cabinetry, hardwood floors, and decorative moldings.

2) Bungalow

With their design inspired by the Craftsman style of architecture, bungalow houses are single-story homes with open concept living spaces and two-to-three bedrooms on the same level. The steepness of the gabled roof determines whether you’ll find an additional attic space. Other common features of bungalow homes include raised foundations and covered front porches. This home style is a popular choice due to their smaller size and affordability.

colonial style home with black details_Getty

3) Colonial

If you’re a fan of traditional architecture, you can’t go wrong with a Colonial home. These homes have been around since the 1600s and come in a variety of styles, from Georgian to Federal to Dutch Colonial. Regardless of the style, most Colonial homes share certain design features, such as a two-story layout, a steep gable or gambrel roof, and symmetrical windows on the exterior. You’ll also find that these homes are typically made from durable materials like stone, wood, or brick, and often feature formal living and dining rooms on the main floor with bedrooms located on the second floor.

4) Contemporary

Contemporary homes offer a sleek and modern design that is becoming increasingly popular in Virginia. These homes have an emphasis on functionality and clean lines, making them perfect for those who appreciate minimalist design. Inside, contemporary homes feature an open-concept layout with ample natural light. Expect to see a mix of materials like concrete, glass, and steel that give the homes an edgy and sophisticated look.

5) Craftsman

Craftsman homes in Virginia typically feature a charming and cozy aesthetic that emphasizes warmth and comfort. These homes have a combination of natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as distinctive details like exposed beams and decorative brackets. Craftsman homes usually have an open floor plan, a cozy fireplace, and built-in cabinetry, all of which create an inviting feel of the space. These Virginia homes also often include outdoor living spaces such as porches or patios, perfect for enjoying the mild climate and scenic surroundings.

brown georgian style home at night

6) Federal

The Federal style emerged during the late 1700s and early 1800s, making them one of the older architectural styles in the US. Federal style homes in Virginia are typically two to three stories with symmetrical façades and rectangular shapes. They often feature brick or stone exteriors, with decorative elements such as columns, cornices, and pediments. Inside, they have high ceilings, intricate moldings, and grand central staircases.

7) Georgian

Another prominent architectural style in Virginia is the Georgian style. Popular in the 18th century, you can find Georgian homes in historic districts throughout the state. These homes have a symmetrical façade with evenly spaced windows, typically five on the first and second floors. The entrance is typically adorned with a decorative pediment, while the roofline is flat with a modillion cornice. Inside, these homes feature a central hallway with rooms on either side, high ceilings, and wood paneling.

8) Neo-colonial

Neo-colonial style homes in Virginia are a modern take on the traditional colonial design. They typically feature two-to-three stories, symmetrically placed windows and doors, and a central front entrance. Neo-colonial homes also tend to have pitched roofs with dormer windows and a brick or wood exterior. Inside, they often have traditional details like crown molding and wainscoting. Additionally, there are often modern upgrades like open floor plans and updated kitchens and bathrooms.

9) New construction

New construction homes are typically designed with a blend of traditional and modern architectural styles. Open floor plans, ample natural light, and energy-efficient features are common in new homes. Expect to see a range of building materials, including brick, stone, and fiber cement siding. Many new construction homes in Virginia also feature luxurious suites and large kitchens with high-end appliances. There are often outdoor living spaces such as decks or patios, completing the home.

rambler style home with large tree in the yard

10) Rambler

Rambler homes, also known as ranch-style homes, are single-story homes  characterized by a long, low profile with a horizontal layout and typically have an open-concept floor plan. They often have a simple design with a low-pitched roof, large windows, and a minimalistic aesthetic. In Virginia, rambler homes are popular in suburban and rural areas. You can find them on large lots with expansive outdoor spaces. They offer convenient, single-level living with a focus on indoor-outdoor connectivity.

11) Queen Anne

The final Virginia home style is the Queen Anne house, known for its ornate and elaborate features. Queen Anne homes are typically two or three stories tall with steeply pitched roofs, asymmetrical facades, and multiple gables. The exteriors of these houses are often made of wood or brick and feature intricate details such as stained glass windows, decorative shingles, and ornamental brackets.

Inside, these homes have high ceilings, large windows, and elaborate woodwork, including crown molding and carved staircases. Many Queen Anne homes also feature large front porches with intricate woodwork and decorative railings, as well as spacious rooms with multiple fireplaces.

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