Pre-Winter Yard Care: The 7 Things You Really Need to Do

Updated on November 11th, 2019
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Home with manicured yard in the fall

It’s important not to forget about your yard when you ready your home for winter. Add these items to your winter yard care to-do list before the icy blasts and freezing temperatures of winter hit your region.

1.  Repair Hardscape Features

Repair any cracked steps, walkways or driveways before the weather becomes icy. If left alone, damaged areas could deteriorate over the winter and lead to unsafe conditions for your friends and family. If you notice splintering on your deck, you should treat it and seal it properly.

2. Tighten Railings

When repairing walkways and steps, take some extra time to tighten your railing bolts. Loose railings can cause accidents and injuries. Similarly, be sure your fixtures, shutters and other outdoor features are securely in place and able to withstand the stress of winter storms.

3. Lawn Care

Be sure to aerate and reseed your lawn during the fall season. A healthy fall lawn will ensure lush spring landscaping and help you avoid unsightly bare spots during the colder months. As an extra measure, be sure to add winter fertilizer to the lawn to ensure that roots penetrate your soil.

4. Trim Branches

As you check your landscape, be sure to inspect trees and shrubs. Remove dead limbs that could fall during inclement weather. In addition, be sure that you clear away branches near power lines or other property features.

5. Patio Furniture

Be sure to wash your patio furniture and other outdoor furnishings before winter arrives. Also, be sure to store these items in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Cover any pieces you can’t fit in your garage or shed. Lightweight furniture like plastic chairs should be stored so they don’t blow away or become too brittle for use.

6. Mulch Leaves

A thick layer of leaves can suffocate the grass below. If you don’t choose to rake and compost your fall leaves, you could mulch them using a mulching mower. If you have rose bushes or other perennials that require some insulation, you can also use leaves to layer around the bases of these plants.

7. Screen Plants

Be sure to protect your perennials and young trees from the nibbling of wintertime creatures. You can encircle the plants with chicken wire to better protect them during the long winter. You can also use commercially made tree guards to prevent animals from damaging young trees and shrubs.

Now is the time to get your yard in order before the rough weather of winter arrives. Once these winter yard care tasks are complete, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is in order and ready to face the long cold season.

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