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Home Buying on April 1 Just Became Unbelievably Easy

Updated on October 5th, 2020

Redfin is testing a new website feature today only that makes home buying almost foolishly easy.

It’s called 2-Click Purchase, and it gives Redfin customers the option to become a home owner with just two mouse clicks. For one day only, our devil-may-care customers can make potentially the most important financial decision of their lives without the need to secure financing, see the home in person, write an offer, negotiate the deal and complete title and escrow.

Customers told us that in the current real estate market where what little there is to choose from often sells in three days or less, they need to hear about new listings first, and be able to act fast.  We released Instant Updates in March, to email customers immediately when a home is listed for sale that meets their search criteria. 2-Click Purchase takes it a big step further, and actually lets them buy that home immediately.

How 2-Click Purchase works
On every listing page, a customer can click the “Purchase with 2-Click” button that will put her on a path to buying the home with just one additional click.

After the customer chooses a shipping method, additional options and a payment method on the next screen, she’s sent a confirmation email (if she’s logged into her Redfin account) and her new home keys are processed for shipment.

2-Click Purchase isn’t for everyone. Most home buyers still want to tour a home with an agent who knows the market in that neighborhood, will meet them on their first tour, see the home before writing the offer, negotiate on their behalf and hand them the keys once they’ve closed. Redfin’s agents are still there to offer that personal service and guide them at every step.

What about my Redfin refund?

It’s donated to the Human Fund.

Is 2-Click Purchase real?
No. Redfin created 2-Click Purchase as an April Fools’ Day joke. We hope you got a laugh or two!

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