Thinking About Selling Your Home? You'll Want to Take a Look at This

Thinking About Selling Your Home? You’ll Want to Take a Look at This

Updated on October 5th, 2020

Selling your home isn’t exactly a walk in the park; it’s natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make and the tasks you need to complete to put your home on the market. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Redfin, our goal is to make the entire home-buying and selling process easier, from the day you start dreaming about owning the cute Craftsman on the corner, to the day you step inside your new home for the first time. We’ve transformed how you find homes for sale online, stay on top of new homes hitting the market, schedule home tours with agents, plan a weekend of open house visits, and take care of all the paperwork and tasks involved in the escrow process when you buy a home.

And, today, we’re transforming how you sell your home with the launch of the Redfin Home Dashboard, a comprehensive online resource for home sellers. The new tool gives people who sell their home with a Redfin agent real-time data on how many people are viewing their property online, what their Redfin agent is doing to sell their home and what the next steps are in the selling process, including reminders about important tasks to complete. As soon as you’ve signed a listing agreement with Redfin, your Redfin Home Dashboard will display:

  • Steps to Go on Market: A checklist of important steps to prepare your home for the market, such as scheduling a professional photo shoot or doing a home walkthrough with your Redfin agent
  • Real-time Traffic Updates & Stats Summary: Information on how many times people have viewed and favorited your listing on Redfin and how it compares with other similar listings
  • Today’s Highlights: Reminders about upcoming appointments and notifications about new activity on your listing
  • Completed Steps: Everything you and your Redfin agent have done to date
  • Similar Homes: Homes that buyers may be comparing to yours
  • Area Updates: The most recent new listings, price drops and sales near your home
  • Share Your Listing: Easily share a link to your listing via Facebook, Twitter and email.

As online marketing becomes more important in selling your home, no other major broker offers a more complete or dynamic report on the performance of each of its listings.

The Redfin Home Dashboard makes selling your home more convenient, with an online checklist of every step in the process.

The dashboard adds to the digital marketing program that Redfin provides for everyone who sells their home with us, including premium placement of their listing on (that doubles the amount of traffic the home receives from potential buyers), targeted emails and advertisements to homebuyers who are searching for homes in the area and free professional photography for listing photos. This additional exposure has been proven to sell homes faster, and for more money, according to a recent Redfin analysis. With the Redfin Home Dashboard, Redfin clients will be able to see the results of these activities in real time.

Selling your home with Redfin has other advantages, as well. Our special blend of technology and service enables Redfin to charge a 1.5 percent listing fee for home sellers, which is less than the traditional 3 percent fee. In addition, Redfin real estate agents receive a salary and benefits and are paid bonuses based on their clients’ satisfaction, so we work hard to get the right result for you, not just the easy deal. Before choosing an agent, you can read about the experiences that previous clients had with any Redfin agent by reading reviews, which are all published online. For more information on selling your home with a Redfin agent, visit

Even if you’re not yet ready to sell your home with a Redfin agent, you can still take advantage of information on the Redfin Home Dashboard. Starting today, when you claim your home on Redfin, you will not only be able to see what your home is worth, you will also see:

  • Today’s Highlights: Notifications about homes that are similar to yours that just hit the market, recently sold or changed in price
  • Your Home Stats: How many people on Redfin are looking for homes that are similar to yours, and how many similar homes have been listed and sold in the past 30 days
  • Your Home Value Estimate: An estimate of what your home is worth based on the Redfin Home Value Tool, which uses comparable home sales to generate the value

Selling your home starts with the Redfin Home Dashboard

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Redfin Home Dashboard to claim what’s yours! Or search for your home’s address on Redfin, then click the orange, “Claim My Home” button on the right side of the photo. We at Redfin apologize in advance for the immersive nature of this feature, and the subsequent daydreaming that might ensue.

Let us know what you think of the Redfin Home Dashboard in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, and G+. We hope to hear from you!

Bridget Frey

Bridget Frey

As Redfin’s Chief Technology Officer, Bridget leads the software engineering and analytics teams. Her mission is to build technology that makes the process of buying and selling a home less complicated and less stressful. She is a leader on issues facing traditionally underrepresented people in technology, and 36% of Redfin’s technology team are women while 10% are Black or Latinx. Prior to Redfin, Frey was the director of analytics and business applications at Lithium Technologies. In addition, she has held management positions at IntrinsiQ Research, IMlogic and Plumtree Software. Since 2019, she has served on the board of directors for Premera Blue Cross. Bridget holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Harvard University, where she graduated magna cum laude. She was recently recognized as a Seattle CIO of The Year award winner. Follow Bridget on Twitter.

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